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Bridgestone Run Flat-Original Equipment run-flats are now on par with conventional tyres.

Bridgestone Run Flat

Bridgestone Run Flat
Bridgestone Run Flat

Bridgestone Run Flat

Bridgestone OE run-flats now on par with conventional tyres – test – Run-flat tyres have often been blasted for the inferior comfort they deliver, however a recent European test gives hope that puncture avoidance may no…

Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Of course, as many of you motorists know ! Who happen to own a car with run-flat tyres. So these tyres can be very noisy.

Naturally, this is mainly due to the very hard and rigid side-wall. Consequently, that helps the car tyres act as a semi solid structure. Enabling the run-flats to stay in a straight line when the tyre is de-flated.

Bridgestone tyres have managed to minimise this hard ride by using different compounds in crucial areas of the tyres. Thus enabling them to work at a much lower tone and also give the driver a more comfortable ride.

Can run-flats be repaired ? Bridgestone Run Flat

One of the grey areas is Bridgestone Run Flat. Of course, whether or not they can be repaired ? simple answer is that they can in fact be repaired. So as long as it is within the parameters of a normal road tyre,. As long as the repair is within the legal tread area. So, the Bridgestone Run-Flat Technology tyres may be repaired. But only in certain conditions (Depending on the distance and at what speed the car was driven after the puncture occurred).

Significantly, if the tyre has been driven on whilst run-flat ! Then we will not repair the Bridgestone Run Flat. So if the customer just notices a nail or screw in the tyre, then we will repair the tyre. By using conventional tyre repair methods. If in doubt,! You should consult your nearest run-flat authorised dealer to have your tyres inspected. Of course, Pellon Tyres is in the Halifax area of the UK.

Before attempting.

a Bridgestone Run Flat repair, consult the vehicle owner’s manual for restrictions. The vehicle manufacturer may restrict the use of repaired tyres on its vehicles. For more information, click here

Eric Roberts…

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. Members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell Bridgestone car tyres online from our website, So, by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size,. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor Codes. Finally, they carry out checks for high standards of equipment and workmanship.

New tyre labelling, bridgestone

New Bridgestone A001-Weather Control tyres for a safer all year round driving experience.

New Bridgestone A001

This tyre the New Bridgestone A001 developed for certain European countries

Of course, Bridgestone tyres are the largest tyre company in the World. So, who are always developing new tyre products. Consequently, to suit different weather conditions on our roads. The new tyre the A001 is no exception. This new Bridgestone tyres has been developed for countries that have very wet winter (and summer) climates. Naturally, with the addition of very cold and snowy spells.

This of coarse includes us here in the UK. Including, other European countries consisting of France ,Ireland,Belgium and perhaps Denmark. Subsequently, in my opinion. The new New Bridgestone A001 tyre is really in the class of an all weather tyre. Possibly should be left on the car the all year round. Especially in a very wet summer that we are definitely experiencing in more recent years.

The new tyre achieves this ability to get rid of high water volumes. Including, a large amount of sipes on the tyres edges. As a result, this has also found to be an advantage when facing ice and snowy conditions. Of course, during the hardest winter months.

Bridgestone tyre have also added their expertise in tyre compounds, probably emanated from their days in F1 racing and added “silica” to the tyres compound, this gives the new ones the ability to stay more flexible when the temperature drops bellow the dreaded 7 degree, this is the temperature where summers  start to loose their grip by becoming harder and not allowing the tread to grip.

And is marked as an M+S to cope with all winter conditions and as I say earlier will be best kept tyres on the car as an all-weather tyre not having to change from summer to winter tyres.

For further reading…

Bridgestone has recently launched its A001 ‘all weather tyre’ in the UK. The tyre is designed to cope with the more challenging winter driving conditions whilst at the same time maintaining high performance in the summer months and is available at 400 selected stockists across the UK. Honest John checked with Bridgestone that sufficient stocks are available to meet the current surge in demand”…

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We also sell Cheap Bridgestone Tyres online from our website

Bridgestone Concept Tyres

Bridgestone Concept Tyres: brings out greener Concept Tyre

Bridgestone Concept Tyres

Bridgestone Concept Tyres
Bridgestone Concept Tyres

Bridgestone Concept Tyres

Of course, this great tyre company first introduced the forerunners to the latest developments. Consequently, the Bridgestone Concept Tyres, Ecopia 422, and Ecopia 422 Dueler Hl tyres. Forthwith, they were first introduced at the Chicago Motor Show in 2010.

Of course, Bridgestone has always been one of the world’s largest innovators of new ideas. Consequently, designers design tyres with safety in mind. Of course, the Ecopia range will be no exception. So, back in 1962, Bridgestone started to build their first steel-belted car and truck tyres, competing with the great Michelin tyre company.

Further on in their history, Bridgestone bought and rescued the ailing  Firestone Tyre Company, including all of the Nashville Plant. This factory was the USA tyre production plant.

“Bridgestone’s Eco Marvels: The Rise of Ecopia 422 and Dueler HL Tyres”

Oh, the tyres! Not simply round rubber bits, but unsung heroes that keep us safe on the road. Today, we’ll talk about two Bridgestone tyre behemoths: the Ecopia 422 and the Ecopia 422 Dueler HL. You’ve probably heard of them, especially if you’re interested in making greener choices for your vehicle. And if you’re familiar with Pellon Tyres, you’ll know that we’re all about providing the best for your wheels!

A Little History, Please, Love- Bridgestone Concept Tyres

Bridgestone, a brand famous for high-quality tyres, created the Ecopia line a few years ago, emphasising fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. The Ecopia 422 and its tough cousin, the Dueler HL, arrived on the scene with a bang. They weren’t just any old tyres; they were Bridgestone’s response to the expanding eco-conscious audience, and boy, did they respond loudly!

What’s the big deal about it?

The Ecopia 422 is one of a kind. It’s intended for people who want their vehicle to be as environmentally friendly as their landscape. What is the secret sauce? A one-of-a-kind tread compound and design that lowers rolling resistance. This means your engine doesn’t have to work as hard, saving you money on gasoline and lowering pollutants.

The Dueler HL is now the tougher sister of the Ecopia 422. It’s like the tough Yorkshireman of tyres, made for your SUVs and 4x4s—dependable, tough, and ready for a challenge. It provides the same eco-friendly benefits but is made to withstand a little more abuse.

From Simple Beginnings to Today’s Highways-Bridgestone Concept Tyres

These tyres were like a breath of fresh air when they initially appeared. They quickly caught on, especially among drivers looking for something that would benefit both their wallet and the environment. Their popularity has only grown over the years.

At Pellon Tyres, we’ve witnessed how these Bridgestone beauties have become favourites among Halifax and UK drivers. They’re more than simply tyres; they’re a statement, a pledge to a better future.

Why They’re Perfect for UK Roads- Bridgestone Concept Tyres

We Brits are well aware that our weather can be, well, unpredictable. The Ecopia 422 and Dueler HL are ideal for dealing with sudden downpours or the odd sunny spell. Their performance isn’t just about being environmentally friendly; it’s also about safety and dependability.

Pellon and Bridgestone: A Tyre Match Made in Tyre Heaven

We’re thrilled to be able to offer these Bridgestone marvels at Pellon Tyres. We believe in offering excellent service and goods that not only fulfil your demands but also align with our environmental commitment.

A Hint towards the Future

Looking ahead, it’s evident that eco-friendly tyres like the Ecopia 422 and Dueler HL are more than a passing fad – they’re the future. And we at Pellon Tyres are ready to ride with you towards a greener, brighter future.

So, the next time you’re considering giving your automobile an eco-boost, stop by Pellon Tyres. We’ll fit you with Bridgestone Ecopia 422 or Dueler HL tyres, and you’ll be helping the environment while driving down the road in style! Cheers!

Bridgestone tyres For more reading…

“Bridgestones  target is that sustainable material tyres should be commercially available from 2050. In addition, Bridgestone Europe have also announced it will introduce an AA rated tyre in October 2012, the Ecopia EP001S  the industry’s first tyre to be awarded two A grades in both fuel efficiency and wet grip in the new EU tyre labeling system, both in Japan and Europe”

Pellon Tyre and Auto-Centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We also sell Bridgestone Tyres online through our website.

New tyre labelling, bridgestone

Bridgestone First AA Rated Tyre-Followed by Pirelli Tyres

Bridgestone First AA Rated Tyre

“Revolutionizing Road Safety: Bridgestone’s First AA Tyre and Its Importance”


Hello there, fellow road trippers! Today, we’re delving into an exciting new development in the tyre industry: Bridgestone’s ground breaking first AA tyre. Buckle up as we investigate the extraordinary significance of this innovative creation and how it is transforming road safety like never before!

Bridgestone Unveils Its First AA Tyre:

Consider this: a tyre that redefines performance, efficiency, and safety in a single sleek package. Bridgestone has outdone themselves with their ground breaking AA tyre, which has set new industry standards.

Unrivaled Performance:

The AA tyre has unrivalled performance capabilities thanks to precision engineering and cutting-edge technology. This game-changer ensures a smooth and exhilarating ride by providing superior traction on wet roads and remarkable stability on rough terrain.

Excellent fuel economy:

Bye-bye, frequent fuel stops! The innovative design and low rolling resistance of the AA tyre ensure optimal fuel efficiency, saving you money and lowering your carbon footprint. It benefits both your wallet and the environment.

The Three “A’s” Unraveled:

Let’s decipher the meaning of the three “A’s” in Bridgestone’s AA tyre. The letter “A” stands for “Advantage,” emphasising the tire’s superior performance over its competitors.

It also represents “Advanced Technology,” highlighting the cutting-edge features that put this tyre in a class of its own. Finally, the letter “A” stands for “Assurance,” assuring drivers of unparalleled safety on their journeys.

Redefining Safety:

Bridgestone understands that safety is critical when it comes to tyres. The Bridgestone First AA Rated Tyre, innovative tread pattern and improved grip provide unrivalled stability, lowering the risk of skidding and increasing braking distance even in adverse weather conditions.

Durability that can be relied on:

Nobody wants to be concerned about tyre replacements on a regular basis. The Bridgestone First AA Rated Tyre, exceptional durability ensures that it will outlast its competitors, retaining its performance and safety characteristics throughout its lifespan.

Design for the Environment:

We are concerned about our environmental impact as responsible travellers. Bridgestone First AA Rated Tyre, is environmentally friendly, made of sustainable materials, and intended to reduce fuel consumption, ultimately contributing to a greener planet.


So there you have it—first Bridgestone’s AA tyre is redefining road safety and driving experiences. This tyre is unquestionably a game-changer in the automotive industry, thanks to its exceptional performance, eco-conscious design, and unwavering commitment to safety. Consider the AA tyre the next time you hit the road for a smooth, efficient, and secure journey. Travel safely, fellow adventurers!

6 AA-rated tyres that you might consider:

  1. Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R: This tyre is designed for high-performance vehicles and offers excellent traction and handling.
  2. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric: This tyre is also designed for high-performance vehicles and features an asymmetrical tread pattern for improved grip.
  3. Michelin Pilot Super Sport: This tyre is known for its excellent wet and dry traction, as well as its comfortable ride.
  4. Pirelli P Zero: This is another high-performance tyre that is known for its excellent grip and handling.
  5. Yokohama Advan Sport V105: This tyre is designed for luxury and performance vehicles and offers excellent traction and handling.
  6. Continental Extreme Contact DWS06: This tyre is designed for all-season performance and offers good traction in wet and dry conditions.

Bridgestone First AA Rated Tyre and Michelin AA Ratings

This is a great achievement.

Hence, in the race to become the first AA-rated tyre, in the new European tyre ratings system. As a result, consumers will have more information.

Because of the performance ratings of each individual tyre that is manufactured. The new Bridgestone tyres are produced in Japan. As a result, we were the first Bridgestone First AA Rated Tyre, First on Japan’s coveted AA rating. Therefore, it will be released in Europe at the beginning of October.

The first Bridgestone First to be made was the 195/65R15 H rated tyre.

The new rating is for grip on wet roads. As a result, the road noise, or lack thereof. This is measured in decibels.

Most importantly, to demonstrate how quiet the tyre is on various road surfaces. The new tyres are also very light in weight.

So, I will compliment the new EV cars that are now on the market. Bridgestone First AA Rated Tyre, have reduced the weight of the new tyre. Thus, to help reduce the weight of these new EV cars, naturally for greener performance and lower emissions. This is in line with all the major tyre companies.

Hence, to make tyres lighter and also give them much better rolling resistance. Therefore, reduce emissions.

Bridgestone First Tyres will start to label all the tyres.

that they produce this July (the official date is October), but Bridgestone will be ahead of this target. More information about the new tyre labelling scheme. 

One of Bridgestone’s senior executives, Mr. Frank Annunziato, said, “We are extremely proud of the fact that Bridgestone Car Tyres became one of the first companies to declare the release on the European market of tyres with the rating “AA.”

Bridgestone First tyres are followed by Pirelli, Kumho and Hankook tyres with AA ratings

Other new tyres that will hit the market These are Pirelli tyres with the new “Cinturato P7 Blue.” This tyre also has an AA rating. Released, in the spring of next year (2013) they will be followed by my other favourite  tyre manufacturers Kumho tyres and Hankook tyres of Korea.

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Michelin has also established an Bridgestone First AA Rated Tyre

, on some of their products, which I will cover in another article. Lastly, please click on the links below for more information about this product.