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Air Conditioning Problems: For this VW Golf ?

Air Conditioning Problems

Air Conditioning Problems
Air Conditioning Problems

Air Conditioning Problems

As I have said many times, this is the time of year that we can be busy rectifying air conditioning problems on our customer’s cars. This year, we are enjoying a nice, warm, sunny summer. So, many of the new model cars have been fitted with air conditioning as standard.

Of course, then, the need for the air conditioner to work and cool the car interior has never been more important. Many of our customers also travel to continental Europe for their holidays. So a good cold-air conditioning system is imperative for a good and comfortable journey.

There are many reasons why your car’s air conditioning can fail you.

By and large, the most common is that the customer switches it off in the winter. Importantly, when summer comes, expect their  air conditioning to work normally. But in over half the cases, their system will need a re-gas.

After the re-gas, other problems occur. The main problem is that if the air conditioning system is not used, then the system does not get lubricated. Consequently, this will dry out, causing common problems such as failed “O” rings and rubber hoses due to the drying-out process.

Sometimes we may get a customer who says that the car is blowing cool air into the cab but not cold air. This is usually when the air conditioning is set to high with the fans on high, but the car is still only blowing in cool air. We have all been there; you just can’t get the car cold enough?

What we do in this case is first check that the cooling fans are running

On the refrigerator condenser (the thing that looks like a radiator, usually at the front of the car’s engine), when the air conditioning system is switched on,. Naturally, checking out the condenser for any debris, such as dead leaves, dust, or insects, that may be clogging the condenser up, you would be surprised at what we find clogging the air conditioning condenser unit up?

We also check out the pollen filter, or cabin filter, Air Conditioning Problems

as it is sometimes known; if it is clogged up, we will replace it. We then check the pressures of the air con system to see if they confirm what they should be set at in the user’s manual. The condenser is a very important part of the air conditioning system.

It works the opposite way to the radiator (evaporator); it sits at the front of the car, and air is blown over the condenser, but the air soaks up the heat and then cools the refrigerant inside the air conditioning system. All this is done under high pressure; the air carries the heat out of your car, and the refrigerant converts it back to a liquid.

The liquid is then sent back to the evaporator (a low-pressure area), and the system moving from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure area forces the refrigerant temperature to perform a rapid drop, and the cycle starts all over again, supercooling the cab of your vehicle.

VW Golf had- Air Conditioning Problems

On a day last week, we had a car presented to us with this exact Air Conditioning Problems. We carry out all repairs and other work on car  air conditioning systems here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax, UK. Subsequently, the air coming out of the cab cool but not super cool. The car was a 2010 VW Golf (only 4 years old). The

The customer left the car with us, and we proceeded to connect up our air conditioning machine and re-gas the car’s cooling system. The problem was spotted right away because the car started to leak liquid from the condenser at the front of the car.

After an examination of the condenser, we found out that the car had recently had a minor bump at the front end, which consequently damaged the air conditioning condenser. In earlier times, this is what happened to car radiators; nowadays, this is where the air conditioner condenser sits, and it takes the brunt of any damage from stones or small accidents.

However, this was one of our easier jobs to do, and we replaced the condenser with a new one, re-gassed the system, and the customer and his VW Golf went on their way, with a nice cold cabin in their car.

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