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Scrap Tyre Dumping Returns-Criminal gang dumps 10,000 tyres in Port Glasgow

Scrap Tyre Dumping Returns

Scrap Tyre Dumping Returns

Of course this is of no great surprise to me. So, in the trade we refer to old tyres as “Casings”. Its a few years now that the law clamped down on suspecting criminals that were doing anything to get rid of scrap casings. I will explain how it works. The old tyre that comes of our customers car are “worthless”. When remoulding was popular then many of them were used to recycle the old casings into remoulds.

However many changes have brought an end to this in countries like the UK. Modern cars with many different tyre sizes have brought an end to car tyre remoulding. Cheap tyres from China have made remoulding into a lost cause. The remoulded tyres were costing as much as a new tyre. So it made no sense to buy remoulds when new tyres were available at a lower price.

Problem for tyre dealers

Consequently, this developed into a problem for us tyre dealers. However, companies set up to recycle the old tyres. This was done by machines that ripped the old tyres apart. Thus separating the rubber from the steel wire to recycle wherever possible. Rubber chippings from this process is going into the production of many new products. Including adding it to tarmac for new road building.

However  as in anything where money is concerned then criminals became involved. As a tyre retailer we now have to pay at least £1 for every casing removed from our premises. The system was government regulated with various forms to fill in any time casings were removed. This worked well until the underworld became involved.

Criminals began forging documents pretending to be legitimate casing collectors. So a lorry load could easily be worth say £500 . The conmen would also ask for cash, which for some reason the dealers paid. The old tyres were then disposed of in many different ways. In fact a guy in West Yorkshire rented part of an airfield and just simply stacked the millions of old tyres on the old runway.

The pile became larger ang larger and so did the guys bank account. All his paperwork was forged and  nobody thought anything about it!

He was eventually found out and sent to prison. However this kind of thing never went away right up to this latest find in Scotland.

Around 10,000 tyres dumped at a disused farmyard barn in Port Glasgow have been abandoned by a criminal network, an investigation has found. The tyres were dumped at a derelict farm with one barn overflowing with

Source: Criminal gang dumps 10,000 tyres in Port Glasgow

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