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Yokohama Tyres and Chelsea AFC: 2024 Update

Yokohama Tyres and Chelsea AFC

Yokohama Tyres and Chelsea AFC
Yokohama Tyres and Chelsea AFC

Yokohama Tyres and Chelsea AFC

I will attempt to bring this up to date as best I can

Chelsea AFC’s connection with Yokohama Tyres ended as of my last information update in January 2022. The partnership lasted several years; however, Yokohama Tyres had decided not to renew their sponsorship contract with the team by that point.

Now, in your typical nice and casual way, let’s dive into this topic, with some local tyre dealer emphasis:

It’s always intriguing to observe how football clubs and their sponsors work together, and occasionally how they don’t. In the case of Chelsea AFC and Yokohama Tyres, it’s a story about a partnership that had its time in the spotlight but eventually came to an end.

Chelsea Football Club and Yokohama Tyres were a formidable duo for many years. The Blues proudly donned the Yokohama badge on their shirts, which football fans all over the world recognised. It was almost like a love affair between football and tyres!

This union, like many excellent things in life, had its time. Yokohama Tyres and Chelsea AFC

By 2022, the collaboration had run its course, and the Yokohama logo said goodbye to Chelsea’s shirts. In some ways, it was the end of an era.

Let’s talk about the neighbourhood tyre shops now, shall we? Because Chelsea is such a well-known team, the sponsorship contract did put Yokohama Tyres on the map in the United Kingdom, and it had an influence. But, you know, it’s also important to remember our local tyre retailers right here in the United Kingdom.

I’m sure you have some wonderful tyre dealers in Halifax, including the famous ones, such as Pellon Tyres, who have been servicing the community for years. They may lack the sparkle and glamour of a football sponsorship, but they play an important part in keeping our wheels going.

So, while the Chelsea-Yokohama romance may have ended, let us not forget to support our local tyre retailers. They are the ones that keep our cars safe and our trips smooth in our neck of the woods.

The strange thing is that I have just finished a blog.

About the involvement of tyre companies with professional football clubs. Including the leagues across the world! Especially in Europe. Significantly, Yokohama and Chelsea Football Club have signed a sponsorship agreement. Importantly, that will enable the display and wear of the tyre company logo.

On the official football shirt. Yokohama Tyres UK branding is at the stadium and on the pitch side. Using the logo, players and coach of Chelsea FC to promote various tire-related advertising and

In my opinion, Yokohama Japan is already heavily involved in sport through their supply of tyres for the motorsport industry. The football scene is what all the tyre companies are competing for, and now the Japanese tyre company has joined the club, big style. This will undoubtedly raise brand awareness for Yokohama, simply because Chelsea and Manchester United are worldwide brands, and the  tyre products will be seen on televisions all over the globe, including faraway countries such as Australia and even China.

The agreement ends in 2020-Yokohama Tyres and Chelsea AFC

The agreement that has been signed will be for 5 years from this year (2015) and will put them up there with the big-tyre players. Incidentally, I have noticed that the big tyre companies, such as Goodyear and Michelin, have stayed clear of such large sponsorship deals (except, of course, Continental Tyres, who were one of the World Cup sponsors), with the battle being between the main mid-range tyre brands, such as Apollo Tyre and Hankook, and including Yokohama.

Chelsea FC is a prestigious football club situated in London and is currently in the top place of the English Premier League under the management of Jose Mourinho, a guy who speaks his mind and has great knowledge of the game, coaching many great teams in European football. The club has won the English Premier League as many as four times, and in the 2012–2013 football season, Chelsea won the Europa Cup.

It will be good to see the Yokohama ads on the TV screen- Yokohama Tyres and Chelsea AFC

So, I hope it improves in profile. Of course, and we sell more tyres at my garage here in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK. Knowing that Yokohama are a success at motorsport promotions. But I have thought all along that they are only playing to a small audience compared to the big attractions, such as this deal with Chelsea FC, and I know that it will give them greater exposure, but I hope that they do not drift away from their motorsport background.

I myself like to watch football on TV. Subsequently, I have noticed an increase in the TV exposure of tyre companies. Last night I watched a UEFA Europa League match between Glasgow Celtic and Inter Milan of Italy. So, I could not help but notice the terrific amount of exposure that Hankook Tyres had with pitch-side advertising boards. Even though the Milan players have Pirelli for their shirt sponsor,. So it has to be a thing for the future.

Yokohama Tyres investment

Yokohama Tyres investment

Yokohama Tyres investment

Yokohama Tyres investment
Yokohama Tyres investment

Yokohama Tyres investment

Alright, friend, let’s talk about Yokohama Tyres

a significant brand in the tyre industry, and what they’ve been up to lately. Yokohama was founded in 1917 in Japan and has made a name for itself in the tyre sector. Fast forward to recent years, and they’re still doing strong, with several creative manoeuvres and collaborations that are worth discussing.

One of their major collaborations has been with Chelsea Football Club. You’ve undoubtedly seen their name on the players’ shirts since about 2015. Isn’t it a sensible move? Gets their name out to millions of football fans around the world. In 2019, they also collaborated with the NBA’s Boston Celtics, demonstrating that they are not only passionate about football but also basketball.

Yokohama has not only been rubbing shoulders with sports legends, but they have also been active in the automotive industry. They’ve been the official tyre supplier for the Macau Grand Prix since 1983, which is a long time! In addition, they participate in the World Touring Car Championship and the IMSA Sports Car Championship in the United States.

However, it is not just about sports and fast automobiles.

Yokohama has also been working to improve the environment. They introduced their “BluEarth” tyre line, which focuses on being environmentally friendly by reducing fuel usage and CO2 emissions. It’s an excellent selling point for clients who care about their carbon footprint.

Speaking of footprints, Yokohama has been leaving them all over the world. They’ve been expanding their reach by establishing new factories in locations like India and Mississippi. This means they are more than simply a household name in Japan; they are a global player in the tyre industry.

So, there you have it. Yokohama Tyres, Yokohama Tyres investment

An old dog with new tricks, is keeping up with the times by sponsoring sports, promoting environmental projects, and expanding globally. They’re not just creating tyres; they’re also having an effect. Whether you’re a football lover, a car enthusiast, or simply someone who cares about the environment, Yokohama has something for you.

Yes that’s right in 2014 (not far off now!) I have been the proud owner of Pellon Tyre and Autocentre here in Halifax, West Yorkshire, in the UK.I just can not believe where the time has gone. My kids are all grown up, and we have been here for almost 25 years and have loved every minute. As an independent tyre business and garage, it has been a great time in the tyre industry, with many changes taking place.

In my opinion,. The computerization of business and the internet have had the greatest impact. So on the way that modern garages are run. It has been fascinating to see the massive changes. climate change that has entered the world of auto’s.

Yokohama Tyres investment

Changing and re-shaping the way we think and the massive drive towards lower emissions. Now comes the development of the electric car. Consequently, and all the implications that will go with that.

I am pleased to say that as a small independent garage. We have taken the right roads. I am still able to confirm that we are very busy. Despite all the competition from the huge national companies,. So that they are able to expand (and are able to get cash to enable them to do so). We, as a small business, can not get cash from the banks. Thus, there is a terrible state of affairs.

Car Tyre Prices have plummeted in recent times. So, due to internet competition,. Subsequently, we are still able to compete

 due to our online tyre selector

Enter Yokohama tyres

This gave us better prices and also targeted rebates. As a result, we have been able to hold onto some of the margins that the competition on the internet has reduced, and I feel more secure moving forward. Another important part of dealing with the tyre manufacturers, is that they are willing to help with other aspects of the business, such as promotional work and display materials.

This is where Yokohama Tyres Online comes into the picture. Apart from a great range of tyre products, Yokohama Tyres is also interested in promoting the small tyre dealer with some Yokohama Tyres investment They believe, as I do, that the local independent tyre dealer has a part to play in the big picture. So I was taken aback when they offered to redesign my depot’s frontage and reception.

This would also coincide with our 25th anniversary next year

only a few months away in 2014. Yokohama tyres are a top class product, and we at Pellon Tyres feel honoured to sell their tyres and work in partnership with the guys at Micheldever Tyres. I have included some images of what the depot will look like when the work is completed.

This Yokohama Tyres investment facelift has added a great new facial look to our tyre shop. The Yokohama Tyres investment also included our reception area, which is now a much brighter place for our customers to relax in. Yokohama, like most other tyre companies, is having to adapt tyre designs to include the effects of climate change and weather conditions.