Heat Causes More Tyre blowouts-A surge following excessive UK temperatures

Heat Causes More Tyre blowouts

Heat Causes More Tyre blowouts

Heat Causes More Tyre blowouts

So, this is good advise from the attached article (Garage Wire). Importantly any extra heat build up will put any suspect tyres at risk. I am thinking mainly about tyres that have not been repaired correctly. Of course this brings me onto part worn tyres. In my humble opinion that unless these tyres are tested then the motorists could be driving on death traps.

Well worn tyres also come into this category. There is no excuse to be driving along on bald worn out tyres. However it is still surprising at the number of my customers in Halifax UK are driving about on such tyres.

So, tyres are produced under very high temperatures. Consequently heat is one of the tyres worse enemies. Thus the hotter the tyre gets during operations then the higher the risk of some kind of blowout. Any tyre that has been incorrectly repaired will be at a higher risk. Tyre repairs are governed by certain UK standards and laws. However, there are unscrupulous member’s of our society that ignore these rules. So putting the drivers who look for a cheap job on their tyres at risk.

Stick to new tyres if possible!

Of course as the owner of a tyre centre then I would say this wouldn’t I! However it makes safety sense to stick to buying new tyres where possible. Here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, we try our best to give our customers  a good deal. We sock and offer a great range of quality brand cheap tyres. All are brand new and much safer in red hot weather, such as we have recently witnessed.

Motorists have this week been suffering with tyre blowouts this week after the UK was hit with its highest ever recorded temperatures. Driver were urged to remain vigilant as tyres are at a much bigger risk

Source: Tyre blowouts surge following excessive UK temperatures