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EV Batteries: How Cheap Are They Really

EV Batteries

EV Batteries
EV Batteries

EV Batteries

I’m finding Chevy Volt replacement EV batteries online for about $2,300. $2,300/16 kWh = $144/kWh. Retail. On the GM Parts Store site, a replacement battery for the 2012 Chevy Volt is listed at $2,305.88.

EricRoberts‘s insight:

Why a replacement ev battery?

EV battery prices

This article shows the prices for the  EV Batteries replacement but I was wondering why would need a replacement anyhow?

According this good and in-depth article, a replacement battery would cost $2000 or more, but why would you have to buy one? The old  EV Batteries should be replaced free of charge if found to be faulty, like any other part of the car. Some of the European car makers, such as Renault, lease the batteries out when they sell an Electric Car, so I can only assume that the same warranty reasons will apply to them.

In my opinion, when the EV batteries will need replacing in a few years’ time, the technology that is carried out at the moment will have drastically reduced the battery prices by that time. All this new development will probably reduce the size of the batteries to a more realistic and affordable size. Johnson controls is developing a Lithium-Ion battery at the moment that is much smaller than its predecessors.

The only reason I can think of for an EV car to need  new EV batteries is after an accident.

An accident is probably going to cause damage because of the size of the battery power train. This brings me to car insurance. Is the possible scenario of a crashed EV car requiring an expensive battery going to raise insurance premiums, or will the cost be spread amongst us all?

There is no doubt that the EV car will play a significant role in the future

of fuel-efficient cat technology, with batteries that can last for years due to the advent of silicon “Nano” battery technology and car manufacturers will keep up with these improvement trends.

The charging rates are also getting much better, with charging time expected to get down to as low as 15 minutes for an 80% charge but my money is still on Hydrogen cell technology. However, this is a good article and worth a click to read.

2024 prospective

Over the past ten years, there has been a lower trend in the price of electric car batteries, mostly because of improved production capacity, economies of scale, and technological breakthroughs. A brief overview of the variables driving these trends is provided below:

Technological Progress
Battery technology advancements have drastically lowered the cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh), thanks to the creation of more affordable cathode materials and improved production methods. These developments not only increase battery efficiency but also lower the quantity of pricey raw materials—like cobalt—necessary for manufacturing.

Scale Economies
Producers of electric cars (EVs) have increased output in response to growing consumer demand. Because of the larger purchases of materials and more effective manufacturing techniques, this production scale helps to save prices. Large-scale battery factories, sometimes called “gigafactories,” are essential for reducing prices because of their enormous capacity for production.

Governmental Rewards
Governments from all over the world are encouraging the electric car sector by offering incentives and subsidies to both producers and buyers. By lowering their total cost, these incentives help EVs and batteries become more affordable for a wider range of consumers.

Market Rivalry
As more companies enter the EV industry, competition has increased and driven down prices. Both established automakers and recent arrivals are making significant investments in battery technology, which will result in more affordable options.

Prospects for the Future
It is anticipated that battery prices would continue to decline, but at a slower pace. Prices may be impacted by supply limits for certain materials needed to produce EV batteries. Nonetheless, continued investigation into substitute materials and enhanced battery chemicals is expected to maintain the downward pressure on prices.

In conclusion, even if prices have been declining, future developments in supply chain dynamics, technology, and market conditions will all be critical factors. The use of electric vehicles (EVs) is anticipated to increase due to reduced costs and enhanced battery technologies, which will make EVs more competitive with conventional cars with internal combustion engines.

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caravan and motorhome batteries

Leisure battery LV22MF Numax

Leisure battery LV22MF Numax

Leisure battery LV22MF Numax
Leisure battery LV22MF Numax

Leisure battery LV22MF Numax

Batteries are amongst the best batteries available to the Caravan and Motorhome community, not forgetting the lucky people who own a river craft or a canal pleasure boat.

All these types of leisure vehicles require Leisure battery LV22MF Numax leisure. or a number of batteries to supply them with electricity. especially where there are no main power points. Usually in the middle of nowhere or at a remote canal boat mooring.

Numax are not necessarily cheap leisure batteries. But they are one of the more reliable battery products. Of course, for this market usage. In fact, I have only ever seen one faulty Numax battery. As a result, in the six years since I began selling them,

Numax leisure. Leisure battery LV22MF Numax

The Leisure Market battery products are always on display. Hence, at some of the country’s top leisure and outdoor shows Because of this, the Numax name has become very popular. Also because of the internet, the price of the Numax Caravan battery has actually come down. So, this is now one of our best-selling products that we offer online.

The most popular battery is the XV31MF battery. This is a 110-amp model and was our best seller at the time of writing this article. The LV26MF battery from Leisure Battery is a 100-ampere-hour battery.

The Leisure battery LV22MF is close behind. Numax leisure

This is a 75-amp battery and is used for the person who goes away at weekends and the occasional two-week holiday. When the first motorhome battery came out, the industry used the regular car battery; in fact, the 100-amp leisure battery was derived from the 250-amp car battery. The car battery was modified with thicker cables to hold more charge and was then known as the LV26MF battery for leisure use. The original 250 car battery was a starter battery and had to provide the power up front to start a car.

As the leisure market began to grow, Leisure battery LV22MF Numax

so did the size of the caravans and motorhomes. This meant that bigger batteries were needed because portable televisions and fridges could fit into the larger vehicles. In the early days, these came in the form of truck batteries, which were the largest batteries available. This led to the development of the XV31MF leisure battery, which once again had thicker plates to store more power as the truck battery was a starter battery and needed the power up front to start the vehicle.

LV22MF leisure battery. Leisure battery LV22MF Numax

One thing that has surprised me is that more people do not connect two LV22MF batteries together. These batteries are LV22MF Numax leisure batteries, and connected together in “parallel” will give you a 75 x 2 capacity, which is 150 amps, a much larger capacity than a XV31MF battery would have. The main criteria is that you use the two exact same leisure batteries and the same number of amps, the system will remain at 12 volts, and in my opinion, it would be worth looking into.

varta battery

Leisure Battery: Leeds University

Leisure Battery: Leeds University

Leisure Battery: Leeds University
Leisure Battery: Leeds University

Leisure Battery: Leeds University

I wanted to buy a 110-amp leisure battery

 Leisure Battery: When the phone rang for the hundredth time on Thursday, it was a call from a well-spoken gentleman with a well-educated Scottish accent. He wanted to buy a  leisure battery to go into his motorhome. He chose us from our battery web site,, and also because we were from Halifax and we were not too far away, as prompt delivery was important.

He turned out to be head of the Devonshire Hall

Cumberland Road, part of Leeds University. The university had broken up for the Easter term and he found out that he had a dead battery and therefore required a new one.

I arranged to meet him outside the Devonshire halls at 8.30 am on the following morning with his new battery, as he said that he has a tight schedule. This is just an example of the personal service that we give to our online battery service.

While I was waiting,

I took a walk through the gate into the Devonshire halls outside area. I could not believe my eyes at the outstanding beauty of the building What a shame it is hidden away from the public, The students are so lucky to study in such outstanding architecture.

 Sent back old leisure  battery for re-cycling

The guy arrived a little late and he asked if I would drop the new leisure battery off at the back of the buildings into his garage, I obliged accordingly but when he opened his garage door, there was a second surprise: the guy owned a 1967 BMC 1100 car in white. He pulled out the car so that I could take a photo for my blog and gave me two old batteries for re-cycling, This was a great trip out for me (how sad).

BMC 1100 1967 model