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Hybrid Car Servicing-Independent garages can service Hybrid cars including Pellon Autocentre in Halifax

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Hybrid Car Servicing

Hybrid Car Servicing

Of course, some people think that the “Hybrid Cars” have an edge over conventional cars. Therefore more expensive than the latter. Unlike normal cars, hybrid cars do not need much maintenance or their need some of their components changing?

Because of the many advantages.Thus, over conventional cars, hybrid Cars have gained a lot of popularity in a very short period of time. Hybrid Cars, as the name suggests. Function on a unique combination of a gas-powered internal combustion engine. Including,the clean energy of an electric motor.

While most hybrid cars make use of petrol. So there are some hybrid car models that use alternative fuels. Hence, such as diesel, ethanol alcohol, and fuel derived from plant materials.

Hybrid Car Servicing

Like standard petrol engined cars, then hybrid models have different characteristics and different parts.  One of the Ford hybrid models has a special air filter. This is for the battery pack cooling system. As a result the battery filter is located at the rear edge of the drivers side cargo area side glass. This filter should be replaced every 10,000 miles. Some models have different filter changing times but this will be in the service manual.

The fuel engine of a hybrid car requires similar maintenance as required by the engine of a normal car. Depending on the type of hybrid you have, oil changes should be made every 5,000-10,000 miles. Another benefit of the hybrid car is that owing to the regenerative brake system.

So the brake pads in hybrids last longer than those of an ordinary car. Because, they do not wear out easily, then the pads last longer and do not need changing as much as a normal car.

Another likeable part of the hybrid is that Unlike other electric cars. Then you need not have to plug in to the mains to recharge the batteries. Because the electric motor of the hybrid acts as a generator when the car is cruising or when brakes are applied. Bear in mind that the longevity of a battery extends considerably if the battery is never fully charged or completely drained.

Hybrid Car Servicing

Unlike normal cars, hybrid cars need less maintenance. Especially on their component parts. Suitable warranties are offered on battery packs, Including, emission parts of a hybrid car by most car dealers. Therefore, you can get the servicing done by professional mechanics at your local autocentre. So at a reasonable cost.

Thus, contrary to the common belief, hybrid cars need less maintenance than your standard petrol engined model. However due to modern design and engineering breakthrough’. Then all car whatever type they are require less maintenance. This seams to be great for the DIY motorists. But the drawback is the expensive equipment that is required to reset the computers and service and diagnostic lights.

Fortunately, for the small and medium garage sector, then we do keep up with ever changing need for new diagnostic tools and equipment. The only grey area that I can see is the battery problem? the petrol engine has a small lead acid battery to operate the lighting systems and other accessories. Of course this is because of the cost. A Li-On battery would be treble the price of a similar lead acid battery. Times this by millions of cars produced and theirs the answer.

Hybrid Car Servicing

The lead acid that is most commonly used is the 054 part number. The main drive battery is a different animal? Some companies allow the customer to lease the battery. However this has its drawbacks? as a result the driver could be tied into a contract for about three years. I believe the cost to be about an extra £60 to £70  a month on top of the cost of the car.

Also the Li-On battery could be bought out-rite for just under the £5,000 mark.

The threat of abolishing the petrol and diesel engined cars, will only strengthen our resolve to learn and to carry on fighting for our rights to repair these vehicles. As a result the small garage industry will learn and equip ourselves in order to serve the public.

Hence in a fair and squire manner by not ripping off the public. As some other sectors of the garage industry have done in the past. Especially when new technology comes along.

Eric Roberts

hybrid car servicing

Are Hybrids here to stay ?Here’s how much owning a plug-in hybrid saves, and what it costs

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Are Hybrids here to stay

Are Hybrids here to stay

So , if you had asked me this question a few months ago! Then the answer from me would have been yes.

Importantly, I thought and hoped that this particular format would be the way forward.

Firstly, it appeared to be a good compromise between electric cars (battery driven) and fossil fuels. In my opinion the electric car that we have at the moment is too extreme. This car will cut the jobs of millions of associated industries. Including the garage industry that has supported my family for more that half a century.

Bigger than the coal industry demise

People in the automotive industry are very worried about the infectious drive of our government to the desired of the greener planet lobby. This minority of people who are in my opinion just hell bent on scuppering capitalism. of course in the guise of people such as the “Climate Rebellion” protesters . Telling that the world will be coming to and end ?

I just wonder why the world did not come to and end after the significant amount of poisonous gasses. Subsequently, from fires, bombs and guns in the first and then the second world wars. Surely this should have brought the world to an end! According to there philosophy!

So, our government are determined to bring a massive collapse to the auto industry. Once again bringing us something that we dont particularly want. Poorer people amongst us will be the ones who suffer! As usual. Of course they wont be able to afford the expensive electric cars and will have to walk everywhere! But perhaps thats what they want us to do! Return to been cave men again and get rid of those terrible motor cars that try to kill us with their awful fumes. What a load of rubbish ?

Now the latest is that hybrid cars that the industry has spent billions of money on. Wont be a part of a greener Britain. Well surprise, surprise lets just hope that they may see some sense before its too late. Finally, I have not yet seen a single tree planted here in the North yet! Perhaps it will be just yet another thing to neglect us with just like our infrastructure ?

I paid a bit more for my plug-in hybrid than a would have for a gas-only vehicle, but the money I’m saving on gas feels like a debt I’ve

Source: Here’s how much owning a plug-in hybrid saves, and what it costs – Business Insider

hybrid car servicing

Hybrid Car Servicing-Good Garage Scheme Car Servicing in Great Britain : Get Ready for …

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Hybrid Car Servicing

Hybrid Car Servicing Pellon Autocentre, Halifax UK

Hybrid Car Servicing

With cold weather just around the corner and nights beginning to draw in, the Good Garage Scheme is encouraging motorists to have their cars professionally checked to ensure they are safe and reliable in the winter months …

Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Winter is on its way ?

This article from the “Good garage scheme” . Thus, pointing out to the motorist to the severe weather conditions the could be imminent. Of course, that may lie ahead. Frighteningly, with the  effects that a severe winter could have on your car. Importantly, if you did not prepare for it by servicing your hybrid car before the winter arrives.

So, helping the consumers by offering an MOT test and service for just about the £100 mark all inclusive. This offer is for most small and medium sized cars and will carry out your hybrid Servicing. Of course, on their cars for the winter ahead. This offer also includes a brake check and your anti-freeze levels topping up the correct winter levels. So you won’t be the one with a frozen engine. We also give your battery a good check over. For fear that, you will not be late to work because your cars battery has failed you.

Of course, it is now 2020 and we are just starting our second Covid 19 lockdown.

If your car does require an MOT test. Then it is important to give your garage plenty of time when booking in your car for a test. In there usual wisdom the government decided to postpone MOT testing for a 6 month period. Consequently, we now have a large backlog of tests.

The second lockdown starting on the 5th November 2020. Thankfully, the government are not suspending any testing for the second time.

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