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County Court Bailiff Scams-Garages Beware !

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County Court Bailiff Scams

County Court Bailiff Scams

I was completely drained by the end of this horrific scam attempt. Some days I think that I am getting too old for this sort of thing and this would be one of those days. So, its now the day after and I am composed enough to write this blog post. So, to warn other garage owners and businesses about our own lucky escape. It started after lunch with a phone call from my Halifax Autocentre manageress, Debby.

Deb was a little shocked at a phone call that she had just received. Just like any sensible would! Was  panicking about the situation. So, the caller had stated that he was from a company of Bailiffs and was about to send his staff in to recover goods to the value of an outstanding debt. Just over £3000! He left Deb and number to call for more information. I proceeded to call the number immediately. I was told that it was for a debt going back to 2017 from a company handling Google Word Adds. At this stage I wont mention any names! But will be pleased to help others in case of an attempt to a similar fraud against them.

Website looked genuine.

Somehow the scammers had the name of my wife which was used as their original contact with the Google Adds word company. My wife is a very clever lady and insisted that no such deal had been struck under any circumstances. I will admit that at this stage I was genuinely flapping and did not where to turn.

However, I made another phone call to the scammer claiming to be from the Bailiffs. So, this time the guy was very polite and offered me  way out of the solution. Eventually he gave me the phone number and case number to a guy professing to be a member of the Northampton county court Bailiffs staff.

The guy was very helpful and also sounded genuine. However things did not seam to stack up. My wife and Deb began a little digging and they were now suspicious about the information we had been given. The court person was very polite and said that to stop the Bailiffs entering the garage premises then we could pay the court £2330 and this would then go to a local tribunal in our own  area of  Halifax.

My big suspicion was that he said he would send me the details of where to pay the money online and the bailiffs would be stopped! Meanwhile it was looking like this was a scam as My wife and Deb dug out more information.

It turned out that the scammers were using genuine names of officials

Including the phone numbers the were used were false but appeared genuine. Also the names they used were of genuine court and Bailiff officials. As a company we at Pellon Autocentre have an 100% clean record and have never failed to pay anyone for anything . I think now that that could be why we were targeted. The scammers knew that we would panic and possibly pay the money over the phone.

However because of the digging by Deb and my wife we were saved from falling for this very clever scam. I am writing this post the following day and have since recovered from the shock! Ready to see what else been in business in 2021 can throw at me and the family business.

A great explanation as to why this is happening and what you should do can be found on this blog post

More garages Caught out by this scam

Since writing this post then the scammers have not give up trying. According to this edition of “Garage Wire” the scammers are still targeting garages ! Of course they pretend to be “county court” Bailiffs and threaten to come and remove some property if you dont pay an amount over the phone.

So if you know that you are in the clear and innocent of any wrong doing just put the phone down and ignore them. 



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