Solar Panels to be fitted on the roof of this Ford Concept Car

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Ford Is Making A Concept Car With Solar Panels For A Roof

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What do Superman and the Ford C-MAX Solar Energi concept car have in common? Both receive power from the sun.


eric roberts‘s insight:

Solar panels on car roofs a great idea but not a new idea

In my opinion this idea from Ford motor company is one of the biggest step forwards yet, in the quest for the electric cars to cover more mileage.

The car could be run on solar energy from Solar Panels even when running, and the batteries will also be charged. This will be a big step in the right direction and I can envisage all EV’s and all electric cars will have this technology incorporated in the cars electric system.

This is not the first time that solar panels have been used to power cars, but I believe that it will be the first time that a major car manufacturer has incorporated solar panels onto an actual model.

A guy called Ed Passerini was probably the first man to invent the first solar powered car way back in 1977. After building several smaller prototype cars he eventually built the solar car known as Bluebird.

More recently in 1983 two Australian’s, Hans Tholstrup and racing driver, Larry Perkins managed to drive a solar powered car from Perth to Sydney a total 2566 miles a great achievement. The vehicle was called the “Achiever”, which was equipped with a solar cell panel fitted to the roof that charged 2x 12 volt lead acid batteries, this for use when the Sun was behind clouds or even in darkness. Many of today’s Solar Panels and solar energy equipment had not even been invented back then, so the electrics they used were pretty basic. They had an electric motor to drive the car with a basic type gearbox that could only have the gears changed when the vehicle was stopped. The acceleration was done by either using 24 volts or 12 volts, the 24 volt was the fastest option, depending on the amount of battery storage.

Other recent tries at utilising solar energy were carried out by the larger auto companies such as Ford, using them in the headlights.


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