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General Tyres 100 Years 2024 Update

General Tyres 100 Years 2024 Update

General Tyres 100 Years 2024 Update
General Tyres 100 Years 2024 Update

General Tyres 100 Years 2024 Update

In 2024, General tyres will no longer be available for cars and similar vehicles. However, Continental Tyres, the owners of General, are keeping the 4×4 tyre section in production and will still be available to British car and 4×4 owners, particularly.

So we here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, UK, are now switching to another very good brand made in Japan. In fact, we are pleased to announce that we are now Falken tyre dealers for the Calder Valley area of West Yorkshire.

General Tyres are very well known for their excellent 4×4 tyre range.

However, not many people know that they manufacture a full range of summer and winter tyres for regular cars. All the general tyres are made by their owners, Continental Tyres. The tyres are manufactured by Continental, along with their world-winning tyres.

The General tyres use the same casing as the ones used to make continental tyres. They are the exact same quality and will give the driver the same excellent performance that we expect from their Continental parents.

We are now proud to announce : General Tyres 100 Years 2024 Update

that we here at Pellon Tyres in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK, have become the general tyre dealer for the Halifax area. We would also like to congratulate General Tyres on 100 years of being in business.

The regular tyre that we will be offering the Halifax public will be the Altimax Comfort for the regular tyre for summer use, which delivers high performance and a long service life. The Altimax has a new asymmetric tread and features the unique Replacement Tyre Monitor and Visual Alignment Indicator designed to indicate tyre wear and provide advice for timely replacement (the legal limit).

General Tyres 100 Years 2024 Update
General Tyres 100 Years 2024 Update

This is a great development in General Tyre’s 100 Years car tyre history.

General tyres also make the Altimax Comfort tyre. ; the Altimax Comfort car tyre ensures a safe grip on wet and dry roads. The non-directional tread also has great attributes, including durability and comfort.

The next tyre to come along: General Tyres 100 Years 2024 Update

in the General Tyres 100 Years history, is the Altimax Sport. This tyre guarantees the driver a precise steering experience and safe driving in all challenging conditions. A new, asymmetric tread pattern design with an innovative and up-to-date silica compound provides the driver with exceptional wet grip and the opportunity for high mileage.

General Tyres 100 Years has been developing tyres for many years. All of this experience, combined with the manufacturing skills of Continental, have been

precisely aligned to the winter road conditions here in Europe, and has been optimally combined to create the Altimax Winter Plus.

General Tyres 100 Years 2024 Update

 Wide longitudinal and lateral grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning in wet weather and provide superb traction. Therefore, this winter tyre, with its special compound, guarantees high mileage, which is a great plus for a winter tyre. An all-round success and an excellent choice for anyone who wants to safely survive the winter in their car!

Finally, we at Pellon Tyres will be stocking

the excellent Eurovan 2 tyre . Which achieves high mileage and powerful traction when shifting those heavy loads. General Tyres 100 years’ experience has helped develop new tread structures. Consequently, this helps enhance brake performance and handling on dry roads and in curves.

Because this is very important for van drivers on today’s busy roads here in the UK. . Staggered opposing tread grooves in the shoulder reduce noise and heighten ride comfort. Because of this, the flat tyre contour ensures even wear and lengthens the tyre’s life.