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Noisy Car Brakes

Noisy Car Brakes

noisy car brakes
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Noisy car brakes

I was surprised to see this nice-looking red car 

Being the owner of a busy garage has many “ups and downs.”. One of the more pleasant aspects of the job is seeing the number of different cars and car models that would appear in any given week.

This past week has seen cars as diverse as a Rolls Royce Wraith ( which was one of only 220 cars produced) to a Wolsey Hornet Mini from the late 1960s, not counting the everyday cars such as Ford Fiestas and VW Golfs. We had a Citroen DS3 call in to us early in the week with rattling car brakes.

It was in my favourite colour, a very bright red ( I love red cars). We put the citroen car with the Noisy Car Brakes on a ramp and removed all the wheels to check the Brakes, and sure enough, the front pads were worn down to the metal and the friction from “metal to metal” had also damaged the front discs. The rear brakes were cleaned and checked and were good for further use.

We contacted the customer and was given the go-ahead to replace the brakes

Of course, this meant that the customer was getting good-quality brakes with a nation-wide guarantee. The  job was completed and the customer went on his way. Importantly, I took a couple of pictures because I am a great fan of the Citroen DS3.

The colours are very bright and modern-looking,

with a choice of 11 colours and four different roof colours, You can even have colour-coded alloy wheels and different carpet designs. There is also a sports version known as the D-Sport, which comes with blue teeth and climate control. The car also include 17-inch alloy wheels; the one I looked at came with Yokohama tyres and looked great. They also come out with additional body modifications and really look very stylish.

This car, in my opinion, is a great tribute

to the new Citroen DS3 designers, who had to compete with the BMW Mini and the great little Fiat 500.

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The DS3 is the first in a range of very different Citroen models that put the emphasis on style and personality, along with strong performance and driver appeal. With its stylish look and compact size, it’s easy to see why so many comparisons have been drawn with the popular MINI and Fiat 500.

We are now members of

“The engine combines strong low-rev performance – 110bhp at 3600rpm and 199lb ft at 2000rpm, enough for a sub-10.0sec 0-60mph time – with a claimed 62.8mpg (combined cycle) and 118g/km of CO2 emissions, which sees annual road tax costing just £20…”EVO