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Bridgestone Concept Tyres-Number one Tyre company to bring out greener Concept Tyre

Bridgestone Concept Tyres

Bridgestone Concept Tyres; 

Of course, this great tyre company first introduced the fore runners to the latest developments. Consequently, The Bridgestone  Tyres Ecopia 422 and the Ecopia 422 Dueler hl tyres. Forthwith, they were first introduced at the Chicago Motor Show 2010.

Of course Bridgestone have always been one of the tyre worlds largest innovators of new ideas. Consequently, designing tyres with more safety in mind. Of course the Ecopia range will be no exception. So, back in 1962 Bridgestone started to build their first steel belted car and truck tyres competing with the great Michelin tyre company.

Further on in their history Bridgestone bought and rescued the ailing  Firestone tyre company including all of the Nashville Plant. This factory was the USA tyre production plant.

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“Bridgestones  target is that sustainable material tyres should be commercially available from 2050. In addition, Bridgestone Europe have also announced it will introduce an AA rated tyre in October 2012, the Ecopia EP001S  the industry’s first tyre to be awarded two A grades in both fuel efficiency and wet grip in the new EU tyre labeling system, both in Japan and Europe”

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