Camshaft Sensor-Peugeot 206 camshaft Sensor Problems and Location

Camshaft Sensor

In line with most garages we can get customers just turning up with a problem on their car and this morning was no exception.

peugeot, Camshaft Sensor

Camshaft Sensor

A lady customer called in with her Peugeot 206 1.4 with a couple of problems

She said that the car was difficult to start from cold. Thus, when she was driving along. Therefore, the engine felt to be juddering. Also a warning light had come on in the dashboard.

Camshaft Sensor

Peugeot 206 with engine problems Camshaft Sensor

The engine in the Peugeot 206 1.4 is a KFU 16 valve engine.Hence, is a little prone to these kinds of Camshaft Sensor Problems. We pulled the car in to the garage.Therefore, to take a look and plugged in our Snap-On engine code reader. The code that came up was a KFU engine code. Which related to the camshaft sensor. The camshaft sensor is located to the rear right hand side of the engine.Of course, at the side of the air box, and is difficult to spot as you can see on one of the pictures.

The  sensor is an important part in the evolution of the modern car engine. The sensor helps your car run smoothly. Hence, can be difficult to find. As we found out in this Peugeot 206. The Camshaft Sensor operates from magnets. The sensor collects information about the camshaft speed of the car. The information that it gathers is sent to the car computer. Which in turn works out the timing of the ignition. Consequently, the timing of the fuel required by the engine through the fuel injection system. The information that is sent by this sensor is vital. For the engine to work correctly.

Camshaft Sensor

Ryan pointing out the position of the faulty camshaft sensor

The Peugeot camshaft sensor in your car can become weak

for some reason and then sends out an intermittent signal to the car computer thus causing the car not to run properly as in the case of this ladies car. Ryan Linton then proceeded to change the faulty Camshaft Sensor with Peugeot Parts and then cleared the codes in the car computer. This did the trick and the car was running smoothly and back to normal, a job well done.

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