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Fiat Punto Clutch problems: since 2004? Popular car in Halifax UK

Fiat Punto Clutch problems

Fiat Punto Clutch problems
Fiat Punto Clutch problems

Fiat Punto Clutch problems 

So, recently, we have noticed that we have done more than our fair share of clutches. Especially on the Fiat Punto model of car. Interestingly, I decided to do a little research. Finding some real horror stories. Subsequently, going back to the 2002 Punto models.

One unlucky customer was in for a car service. The owner of a “52” plate Punto 8 valve version. He complained to me about several problems that he had encountered. Including a very bad transmission judder and other small irritants. Unpleasant things, such as engine noises and various oil leaks,. Recently, he had just had a clutch fitted! But 1400 miles later, the juddering had returned.

Checked out his car on Fiat forums: Fiat Punto Clutch problems 

Inquisitively, he too looked up the Fiat forums. Noticing the number of Fiat owners who were experiencing various clutch problems on their Punto’s. So, the cars came mainly from the main dealers. Coming from different parts of the country. However, it looked as though Fiat knew about the problem. Subsequently, I did little about the Punto problem.

Interestingly, other Fiat owners were experiencing problems. Especially with a low-biting clutch pedal and rattling noises. Increasingly, when changing gears,. It sounded as if there was a broken spring rattling.

This can be a common sign that you have a clutch that needs changing.

But disgruntled customers did not get much joy from Fiat. Indeed, many Fiat drivers opted to have their clutches changed by an independent garage. In some cases, a mechanically minded friend or relative was called in to help ?

Other owners complained about their  pedals becoming hard when pressing to change gear. This then developed into them hearing scratching and clicking noises coming from the pedal area of the car. Once again, this is a sure sign that you need a replacement In fact, this is similar to the latest customer car that we fitted a new clutch to the other weekend, and sure enough, when we stripped it down, the Punto needed a new clutch.

Fiat Punto clutch went again after only 2 weeks: Fiat Punto Clutch problems 

Thank goodness the one that we did the other week was good, and the car ran well after we fitted it with a new clutch, but for some owners, that was not the case. One unlucky gut had recently had a new clutch fitted, only to find that a few weeks later, the same problems had come back to haunt him. The car had also had a new clutch pedal fitted, but after a few weeks, it once again became difficult to change gear, back to the same problem as the pre-new clutch?

The problem turned out to be Fiat Punto Clutch problems ,

with the clutch bleeding. The mechanic who repaired the car did not know how to bleed the clutch because the Punto’s do not have a normal bleeding nipple system as do many other models of cars, and for some reason some air had entered the fluid system of the clutch, making it difficult to change the gears again.

These Fiat Punto Clutch problems were corrected by the garage.

Who had just fitted the new clutch, and the mistake was just put down to a lack of Fiat Punto experience. So, this can very often happen in a garage that repairs mixed makes of cars.

Going back to the Fiat Punto Clutch problems, in my garage. Well, it was only the second clutch that this particular car had fitted since 2004 (ten years), so I do not think that that was at all bad. The job of fitting a Fiat Punto clutch is one of the easiest to do, and the car was back on the road in a couple of hours. The customer was delighted, and off he went, a few hundred pounds lighter, but happy?

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