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Auto-Air Conditioning

Auto-Air Conditioning

Auto-Air Conditioning

Auto-Air Conditioning
Auto-Air Conditioning

Eric Roberts says:

Of course, the air conditioners found in the car works

similarly to the air conditioners used at present in offices and houses. In simple words, the air conditioning system of a car is the smaller unit of window air conditioning systems found in many homes.

Although they come out with the same end result,. So, the mechanism of a car air conditioning system is quite different from that of conventional domestic air conditioning units. The car system, in my opinion, is a little more complicated.  The car system takes the warm air from out of the vehicles cab and recycles the air. Hence, through the cars air-con system. Returning the air to the cab as cold air.

Auto Air Conditioning: Not for DIY motorists

The system is really a heat exchange unit fitted under the cars bonnet. Therefore, the air-con system can be very complicated to repair by a DIY motorist. So if you have certain problems in the car air conditioning system, then you need to visit your local car service centre. Such as Pellon Tyre and Auto Centre in Halifax, UK.

In order to understand how the car air conditioning system operates,

Then, it is required for you to know some of the various parts of the air-con unit. Although systems slightly differ,? so In this system, there are two types of valves. There are expansion and dryer valves, which are required for the correct functioning of the air-con system. The function of expansion valves is to regulate the internal temperature of air and also control the refrigerant flow inside the system.

This also reminds me that air-con systems are serviced by specialized equipment. Subsequently, our operators have to attend a course and be certified to using the specialist machines that we use.

Auto-Air Conditioning-Leaking gas is the main problem

In general, though, if your air-con system is giving you certain problems,. So, call a local garage. Of course, most of the problems that we encounter areas not simple to rectify. I recommend that drivers have an annual air-con service. Possibly at the same time as as your cars full service. Leakages take out all the gas present inside the air conditioner unit. This is probably the most common problem that we encounter. Of course, with the passage of time, the system becomes useless.

This attached video gives an excellent description of how the Auto Air Conditioning system works in most models of car.

This video represent a “Typical Auto Air Conditioning System – How It Works” as well shows the potential problem of over-charging systems with TXV Valves. Our solution at AC AVALANCHE is to use SMART CLIP Technology for the correct fill!