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Peugeot Partner Van Fuel Cap caused us a big problem ?

Importantly, this is one of those pieces of advice to help other drivers! Not to make the same mistake. On a recent visit to France, we were running out of diesel in our Peugeot Partner van. My wife and I sometimes drive down to France to take a few things with us. When we had a house in the south-west of France,. This time, we needed to take down a new oven. Because the oven we had was 7 years old and the paint was peeling off. We decided to buy the oven back in the UK. Simply because, when we checked online, ovens were cheaper here in the UK.

We also had some trash to take to the local tip in France. So the van seemed the best option. Another key point is that our van is only about 18 months old. Having all the mod-cons that you would find in a modern car.Including air-conditioning and a plug point for the iPod. So that we can listen to our own choice of music.(French radio stations are not easy to pick up and the music’s not very good)

The journey had gone well and we were having good time.

In any event, we pulled into a service station on the A16 motorway to fill up with diesel. I filled the Peugeot Partner Van up with diesel . Carefully, then started to put the fuel cap back into the diesel tank port. Michelle, my wife, went to pay the fuel bill. When inserting the Peugeot Partner Van fuel cap,. Stupidly, I fumbled with the cap ! Which then did not go straight into the hole. Struggling, I twisted it a bit before the fuel cap finally went into place ! Unknowingly, I had accidentally triggered off the Peugeot Partner Van Fuel Cap theft Sensor.

Quickly, I then jumped back into the cab to wait for my wife .

Surprisingly, the wipers had automatically switched on ! Then, to my horror, they would not switch off ! Added to that, all  the lights were also flashing on and off. Scarily, the Peugeot Partner Van would not start ? This was a nightmare. I was panicking. Calmly, my wife rang the AA, Luckily, we had taken out continental breakdown cover.

Shockingly, the AA told us that we were not covered on a French service station. Alternately, we had to call the police, who would tow us off the services. So,to a suitable location. Then the AA breakdown cover would kick in. See another website price comparisons  for more information…

We also noticed that another British car had broken down near where we were broken down

I asked the guy with the defunct engine if he had sorted out the problem . Surprisingly,he was still waiting for a recovery truck to take him off the services. He too was in the AA and was waiting for the Police recovery vehicle to attend him. Sure enough the truck arrived and the guys car was winched on to the back to be taken away.

Surprisingly, the French breakdown mechanic came over to our Peugeot Partner Van . Straight away ! He knew what had happened (most French mechanics are experts on Peugeot and Citroen vehicles, because that’s all they work on) .

I had tampered with the Peugeot Partner Van Fuel Cap anti-theft fuel cap device ?

We understood from his limited English and our limited French that I had tripped the fuel cap anti-theft device; this stops people from stealing your fuel, This is very good if you know that it exists, but I did not ?

The mechanic knew what to do right away; all he did was disconnect the battery and let the system re-set itself. All this, from start finish, only delayed our journey by about an hour.

The mechanic made an invoice out for the AA and we gave him 20-euro tip and we all went on our way.

So if this happens to you, just dis-connect the battery and the whole thing will re-set itself.

Please note that the British Breakdown services Cannot enter French service areas (by French Law).

Since this incident in France, we have sold the van and now gone onto Ford transit Connects.

Of course, these small vans are invaluable for delivering batteries from our online battery shop