Beware of Cheap Tyre Repairs

Beware of Cheap Tyre Repairs

beware of cheap tyre repairs
Flat Tyres on the motorway

Beware of Cheap Tyre Repairs

Watch Out for Dubious Offers on Tyre Repairs

To all our Halifax drivers, hello!

Eric Roberts says

The quantity of tyres that we have recently removed, many of which I believe were the result of illegal repairs, is what inspired this article. These repairs are administered on the outside of the tyre.

The repair material is simply some kind of string soaked in black rubber. I think that originally, they were marketed as “temperory tyre repairs.”.

These were the types of repairs that were used to repair the first tubeless tyres back in the 1960s and 1970s. The representative from the tyre repair company would go around tyre businesses with a 145×10 mini tyre inflated onto a steel wheel, containing hundreds of tyre repairs.

The tyre looked more like a hedgehog! In the past, there was no legislation governing tyre repairs. So the thing looked impressive. However, the condition of the inside of the tyre could not be seen because the tyre was still inflated on a wheel. making this dangerous.

A string repair is a tyre puncture repaired from the outside. Beware of Cheap Tyre Repairs

These are not an approved British Standard BS AU 159 repair. Importantly, it is considered dangerous as the tyre technician will not be able to check the possible inside damage to the tyre caused by the puncture. Shockingly, this method of tyre repair has raised its ugly head again.

I believe that emergency breakdown companies such as the AA and RAC are also using this repair method as a temporary way of getting motorists with punctures back on the road.

A friend of mine told me of this: The road assistance company used an old-fashioned plug and then told him to only drive at a maximum speed of 40 mph for 280 miles. Is there a new law that I don’t know about?

What is to say that the driver has ever looked at the tyre again and may be driving about with a tyre that could pose a risk to himself and other motorists?

My friend brought his car into my tyre depot, and we consequently carried out a proper repair using a legal mushroom repair, which seals the hole, thus not letting in water and debris that can cause damage to the steel chords and future tyre problems.

Do the AA and RAC check that this has been done ? I suspect not. We now believe that some less-reputable companies are using this method to carry out regular tyre repairs.

Have you been tempted- Beware of Cheap Tyre Repairs

So, let us explore the dangers and shady world of shoddy tyre maintenance. It is, after all, about keeping you safe on the road, not just about saving a few pounds.

In these days of high inflation, I get that everyone enjoys a good price, but you really do get what you pay for when it comes to tyre maintenance.

A few garages or roadside services may entice you with too-low charges. So, as I have said, these deals frequently depend on dubious materials and illicit techniques to repair your tyres.

I do agree that tyre repair prices have increased in the past few years. However, so has the cost of labour and tyre repair materials. Also, respected tyre companies only do the job correctly and within the current law.

I do not know how the large breakdown companies get away with the way they can carry out so-called “temporary repairs.”.

The Hazards of Poor Tyre Repairs Safety is a primary issue with poor tyre repairs, to start. Unexpected failure of a tyre might result in risky blowouts or control loss. That sounds dangerous—bombing down the M1 when your tyre blows out.

Legal Trouble: You can get into trouble if you use illicit repair techniques. If your tyres are deemed to be below safety requirements, you may be charged and have points on your licence. It’s just not worth the chance.

More Damage Than Good: Your tyres can actually suffer more damage from incorrect repairs. A little problem could become one that needs a new tyre or, worse, damages the wheel or suspension system of your car.

Invalidated Insurance: Your insurance may not pay out if you are involved in an accident and it turns out that your tyres were illegally fixed.

Identification of the warning signs. Beware of Cheap Tyre Repairs

Not Clearly Stated Information: If the store is reluctant to go over their repair procedures, be cautious. A respectable service will be open about how they work.
Rush Jobs: Be suspicious if someone claims they can get you straightened in less time than you can blink. A tyre repair done correctly takes time.

Unbelievably Low Prices: If anything sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Compare costs to those of other nearby services; safe, legal tyre repairs seldom come at a true discount.
Selecting a Tyre Repair Facility

View Their Qualifications: Seek out an accredited and authorised garage. Good indications come from associations such as the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF) or from tyre manufacturers’ endorsement.
Search the Internet:

Recommendations have a great influence. Look out for Google reviews. Find out from friends or relatives where they get tyre repairs. Good personal recommendations are priceless.
Examine the surroundings. Many times, a neat, well-kept garage indicates dependable, skilled service.

They probably take pride in their work as well, if they appear to take pride in their office. Remember, maintaining your car in excellent shape and protecting your safety are equally as important as avoiding a puncture.

With something as important as your tyres, never take short cuts. I always prefer to spend a little more for peace of mind while driving.

Greetings to all and watch those tyres! Remember to beware of Cheap Tyre Repairs, Eric Roberts

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