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Engine Warning Lights-Why is My Check Engine Light On?

Engine Warning Lights


Engine Warning Lights

So it is really important to learn about the reason for your cars engine warning to come on. Of course many times are a false alarm. However I know from personnel experience that it is likely to be very important and should be checked out as soon as possible.

This attached article explains about four of the most important reasons why your oil warning light has illuminated! Once again I must emphasise that a regular service will eliminate this from happening. So, on many  occasions it is just that your oil level may have dropped! Of course requiring topping up. If this is a regular occurrence then it would be worth while to take the car into your local garage. Importantly, your car could be burning the oil.

So, due to engine wear or an other inherent problem.

As soon as the Engine Warning Lights appear on your dashboard please do not ignore it. It may be well worth having the car checked out.

Finally regular servicing will keep your engine oil fresh and up to level. So, as a follow up to this post then just the other day a strange warning light appeared on my Ford Transit connect van. The light was orange in colour and depicted a car with two wavy lines coming from the back wheels. the warning light turned out to be the “stability control dashboard light”. Something that I had never seen before. Importantly it was tied up with the vehicle traction and the light went out when I  re-started the vans engine! The whole of the Transit connect warning lights can be seen on “Driving test tips website“.

Learn about the common triggers that can cause your Check Engine light to come on for almost no reason at all, to save you money and your safety.

Source: Why is My Check Engine Light On?