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Take care when handling car batteries

Let me first say that in 40 years of selling car batteries,. Both to the public and in my garage environment and now we sell batteries onlineFortunately, I have never (touch wood) seen a single accident. Of course, apart from the holes that appear in my staffs workwear,. Long ago, we did not wear any protective clothing when filling and charging batteries. Although we were aware of the problems that could have occurred,.

These days, with the advent of “health and safety”. Naturally, we take all precautions to protect our staff. I feel that I should point out a few things when handling car batteries. So, we wear full protective gowns with gloves. Including goggles whenever we are charging batteries. Training all the staff in the procedures and first aid. This is important to us because we handle thousands of batteries a year.

Most people who have a 12-volt car Battery delivered. Firstly, we will receive the new battery in a well-packed box. Including some kind of protective filling, we at Batteries on the Web use polystyrene and cardboard box for this purpose (after a few years of experimenting, we find that this is the best medium to use).

The Difficulties and Obstacles of Managing Lead-Acid Car Batteries

Ahh, the modest lead-acid battery, the reliable partner of many a car on the highways of Britain. Although these large, powerful engines are necessary to start our cars and keep them running, maintaining them isn’t always easy. Let’s examine the difficulties and naughty peculiarities associated with lead-acid vehicle batteries.

The Important Matter
To start, they weigh a lot. No, it’s really heavy. Anyone who has ever had to replace one will attest that it is comparable to moving a huge stone. A normal car battery has heavy lead plates and is loaded with an electrolyte solution; it can weigh between 15 and 30 kg. Not only does the weight of them require strength to lift, but it also makes installation and removal necessitate at least two hands to complete the task.

The Thrill of the Spill

There’s also the possibility of spills. Sulphuric acid, used in lead-acid batteries, is exactly as repulsive as it sounds. The majority of batteries nowadays are sealed, but some older or broken sealed car batteries may leak, and you don’t want to find out what acid does to your skin, much less your clothes. It is imperative that they be handled carefully and that the proper safety equipment, such as gloves and goggles, be worn.

Charging Difficulties
These batteries aren’t always easy to charge. In contrast to your phone, which you can leave plugged in all night, lead-acid batteries require a little more dexterity. Undercharging might leave you stranded with a non-starting car or van, while overcharging can result in diminished battery life and performance and also acid bubbling out everywhere.

Keeping these batteries correctly charged requires a delicate balance. Although recently introduced, smart chargers are now available.These smart chargers switch off automatically when the maximum charge is reached.

Temperature has a big impact on lead-acid battery efficiency and life. The harsh British winters reduce their capacity and output. On the other hand, a hot summer day may accelerate internal discharge and perhaps result in battery overheating. British motorists struggle to keep their car batteries in the ideal temperature range—not too hot nor too cold.

Problems with Disposal
And lastly, the disposal problem. Batteries containing lead acid are filled with lead and acid, two substances that are bad for the environment. They cannot be thrown out with your regular household trash. Fortunately, recycling centres are widely available, and a lot of garages will take care of this for you, guaranteeing that the dangerous materials are disposed of appropriately.

A Smidge of Regional Colour

It’s interesting to note that Halifax played a key role as a centre of manufacturing and invention during the Industrial Revolution. Who knows, maybe Halifax would have been at the forefront if batteries had existed back then! We carry on this tradition today by addressing contemporary issues, such as battery technology, while paying homage to our hardworking history.

Although handling lead-acid batteries may appear difficult, it is completely manageable with the correct information and equipment. Respecting these sturdy remnants of automotive history is essential to keeping your automobile in good working order, whether you’re an experienced technician or a dedicated do-it-yourselfer. Everyone in Halifax will tell you that a little effort and knowledge go a long way, after all!

Car Battery Handling  can be very heavy ? Test the weight before you attempt To lift.

Even the smaller car batteries are really heavy to handle. So,  please use your common sense. Batteries on the Web handle hundreds of batteries a day and by using common sense and following simple rules, we get by without injury to our staff. Now stockists of Lucas batteries click on the link below for your battery size references. We sell cheap online car batteries.

varta battery

Leisure Battery- to Leeds University ends in a nice surprise?

Post Updated 23rd Dec 2013+ October 29th 2020

Wanted to buy 110amp leisure battery

 Leisure Battery; When the phone rang for the hundredth time on Thursday it was a call from a well spoken gentleman with a well educated Scottish accent. He wanted to buy a  leisure battery to go

into his motorhome. He chose us from our battery web site, and also the fact that we were from Halifax and we were not too far away, as prompt delivery was important.

He turned out to be head of the Devonshire Hall Cumberland Road, part of Leeds University. The university had broke up for the Easter term and he found out that he had a dead battery and therefore required a new one.

I arranged to meet him outside the Devonshire halls at 8.30 am on the following morning with his new battery, as he said that he has a tight schedule. This is just an example of the personal service that we give to our online battery service. While I was waiting I took a walk through the gate into the Devonshire halls outside area. I could not believe my eyes at the outstanding beauty of the building what a shame it is hidden away from the public, the students are so lucky to study in such outstanding architecture of the buildings.

 Sent back old leisure  battery for re-cycling

The guy arrived a little late and he asked if I would drop the new leisure battery off at the back of the buildings into his garage, I obliged accordingly but when he opened his garage door there was a second surprise, the guy owned a 1967 BMC 1100 car in white. He pulled out the car so that I could take a photo for my blog, and gave me two old batteries for re-cycling, This was a great trip out for me (how sad).

BMC 1100 1967 model

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Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries- Absorbed Glass Mat batteries AGM are now a very popular battery

Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries

Many people think that GEL and Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries are the same

Many people buying new golf batteries or mobility batteries. Therefore, believe that the two types of battery are the same. They are very similar.Hence, they are a deep cycle with a low discharge. Because they do not spill they are classed as sealed. Therefore, may be mounted in any position. For this reason, are safe to use in a confined area. Naturally, and may be carried safely.

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries. Are filled with a type of fibreglass material. As expected, that is fitted inside the battery and then soaked with the electrolyte between the batteries plates. Therefore, this makes the battery leak proof. In other words, if the battery casing is broken. Accordingly, then no acid will leak out. This type of battery is also the most popular here in

the UK (in my opinion this is due to the price difference) these are usually much cheaper batteries, in particular with the golfing fraternity.

Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries

GEL batteries have filled a type of silica gel mixed with the electrolyte making a thick jelly that allows the electrons to flow through the plates. Once again as in the other kind, they do not leak when the casing is broken.

One of the most common reasons. Thus, for people using the Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries. Is it can give out a high burst of amps if required to do so. Of course, they can also be charged with a standard battery charger. So, and an alternator if necessary. Also, they have a longer life expectancy. Especially, if these batteries are not fully discharged between discharges. In my opinion, this is a mistake that people make, they fully discharge their batteries too often causing premature failure, I think that people should keep a backup battery as a spare so as to not allow their batteries to become too discharged.

 GEL batteries as stated before cost more than Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries

But offer better-working conditions. Especially, in hotter climates. Although, this does not affect us here in the UK. The big problem with gel batteries is that they must be charged correctly. Hence, or failure will follow. If you have a GEL charger then stick to a GEL battery. For this reason, they are designed especially for these types of battery. GEL  should not be charged with an alternator. Unless appropriate adjustments are made. Another battery that is starting to appear in the marketplace. Naturally, is the Lithium-Ion battery. So, watch out for this one.
To conclude. We think that Absorbed Glass Mat. Now has the upper hand and unless you only have an own charger on your golf buggy or mobility scooter you would be better off buying AGM.