APOLLO WINTER TYRES-Get to Work On Time by Fitting Them when the snow arrives in 2020


APOLLO WINTER TYRES; will impress your Boss

Although I am sitting here. Hence, writing this post in relatively good weather and the Sun is shining. Then it won’t be long before we get our first Winter blast of 2016.Many motorists will be panicking. Because they will be stuck in their driveways. As a result, their cars will not be able to get out of the snow.

APOLLO WINTER TYRES; This picture was taken in Yorkshire and reminds us what it could be like?

In the olden days. It would be easy to just phone the boss. In fact, and take a day off. Accordingly, or pretend to be sick. But now in these times of recession. When jobs are hard to come bye. Therefore, you need to get to work. Whatever the weather has to throw at us.

It is a fact now that we also start work at an earlier times. Hence, and have shorter lunch breaks. In fact, I personally go to work an hour earlier. Moreover, and take a ten minute break to eat my sandwich. This has come about because none of us want to miss any business. Thus, at all in these hard times. Also, this rubs off on our staff. In fact, they too want to get to work on time. These days do not want to take sick days. Because, of the pressure that we are all under. Hence, to keep our businesses running. Especially, in the car auto trade. To make sure that they’re not the ones that get stranded in any bad weather. Therefore late for work, or even worse miss work altogether.

APOLLO WINTER TYRES and Check out your car battery

Apollo winter tyres

The first thing to do. Indeed, before the winter arrives. Is to check out your car’s battery. Any good Car Batteries service centre. Will carry out a free battery test and alternator test . Most companies are run by trustworthy people. Therefore, if the battery is fine. Then they will tell you so. So subsequently, the whole test only takes about five minutes. So an appointment is usually not required. So that you can just pop in at lunchtime (if you have one)A free test will be carried out. This is more important than it used to be. Because a 12 Volt Battery (car battery) has much more electrics to contend with. Especially, on modern cars. Than the older cars. Such things as air-con ,electric windows, the on board electronic management systems. Thus, and many more things for the battery to cope with.


The second most important thing. Is to make sure that you have good WINTER TYRES on the car. Braking distances (stopping distances) are far worse if your car is struggling with bald tyres. Even on rainy days in wet weather. In snowy conditions they are of no use at all. Yet motorists are driving around with bald tyres on their cars. a danger to us all. WINTER TYRES-For the best results 

Winter tyres are also a must for SUVs and larger cars

Over the past four years. We have fitted thousands of these winter tyres in Halifax alone. Therefore, the customers that have used them are now spreading the word. Hence, to their friends and neighbors. About the virtues of this great product. They are also available for the top end car market. Such as BMWs and Mercedes. Including the SUVs and people carriers, so invest in winter tyres for better safety for yourselves and your family.

General Winter tyres- Part of the giant Continental tyre group

General Winter tyres

General Winter tyres; Winter tyres are a must have safety item

Almost all the vehicle owners. Hence, will have to consider about their tyres and wheels during the winter season. For this reason, traditional summer tyres will not be able to perform well during the winter. So winter tyres become a popular topic and choice among the vehicle owners. Therefore they tend to buy a new set of steel wheels. Together, with winter tyres for the car during winter. Thus, it will help to assure the safety of the car during winter.

general winter tyres
winter will soon be here get your car prepared

A wide range of winter tyres can be seen in the present world. Naturally, they have the ability to fit many car models. Winter tyres come with steel wheels. For this reason, they come to direct contact with the road in a snowy winter. General Winter tyres are made out of a rubber mixture. Along with steel and fabric. Of course, they have the ability to survive under tough conditions in the winter. If you install Cheap Winter Car Tyres for your car during the winter, Then you will get the opportunity to have a safe journey. Thus, with your family members during the winter. Therefore millions of customers from every corner of the world purchase General Winter tyres .

General Winter tyres

Plenty of winter tyre manufacturers have started their businesses because of the popularity of them. There is a high demand for winter tyres during the pre-winter season. People can look for the perfect tyres for them from the available variety. General Winter tyres are one such popular brand of winter tyres and it is recognized as a budget brand. Apollo winter tyres and Vredestein tyres are the leading brands in the world and they have gained a good reputation by providing quality tyres to the clients. You can find the perfect winter tyre for you from the local market after considering your requirements.

After purchasing the  tyres, you should follow some steps in order ensure its safety and use it for a long period of time. You have to check about the tyre pressure at least once in a month. All the tyres are designed to perform well at a specific temperature and a pressure. For example, the Apollo winter tyres are available in different sizes and they have different pressures.

Tyres can be subjected to both over inflating and under inflating. Therefore you should pay some extra attention towards the air pressure on tyres and the service manual will assist you with that. You must also align the wheels of your car in a proper way to reduce the wear and tear. These steps will assist you to use the same set of General Winter tyres for three or four winters with no problems. Car owners can change their set of tyres during October and have the peace of mind and safety to have a pleasant journey.

Winter tyres storage at Pellon tyres in Halifax

We at Pellon tyres also offer a tyre storage facility, we will fit your  tyres for winter and re-fit your summer tyres in spring time, this gives you 3 or 4 years of use out of your General Winter tyres and you will be much safer whatever the weather throws at us.