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Mazda offer Improved Engine Technology

Mazda offer Improved Engine Technology

Mazda offer Improved Engine Technology
Mazda offer Improved Engine Technology

Mazda offer Improved Engine Technology

This is great news for the regular mechanic who is sick of hearing about electric cars. Including the billions of dollars that are being thrown at them.

Many small garage owners are fearful for their futures. Including the futures of their families. This news from Mazda could be ground breaking and may be followed by other car manufacturers.

In regards to normal modern vehicles .Mazda offer Improved Engine Technology

that have been around forever. Then, there are two main types of engines available. Of course, there are two main types: gasoline combustion engines and diesel engines. Or a diesel compression engine.

To explain the differences, we must first explain the similarities. Hence, of both engine types. In my opinion, we should use a four cylinder engine. So as the basic model. Because it is common in both petrol and diesel configurations,.

As a result, in both diesel and petrol engines

The following holds true:. Both engine types convert burning fuel into mechanical energy. Of course, through a common series of explosions. Thus, inside the engine’s combustion chambers. All very basic stuff? These explosions force the crank to rotate. This, in turn, is by design. Forces another piston in the line up into the bore of the next cylinder in the firing order. This repeats the process over and over again. Resulting in the rotation of the engine.

This is where the difference comes in from Mazda? Mazda offer Improved Engine Technology

In a normal compressed fuel engine, . Then the fuel/air mix is compressed and then ignited. Which is what drives the engine. The Mazda system does the same thing as a conventional diesel engine but uses petrol. Subsequently, the fuel/air mixture is first heated and then compressed by the piston. Thus to the extent at which it creates combustion spontaneously.

This has never been done in the past. The Mazda system works very much the same way as our conventional diesel engines but fires on combustion using petrol. Consequently, it burns much less fuel. Therefore making the engine much more environmentally friendly.

This now makes up three types of engines: Mazda offer Improved Engine Technology

Over the years, the basic design of the engines has stayed the same. Regardless of the vehicle manufacturer,. Of course, fuel delivery systems do vary, but at the end of the day, the internal process is the same for all vehicle types..

On a diesel engine, there are no spark plugs. As a result, the compression of the air itself triggers the ignition process. because of the higher compression of diesel engines by design. Then the air, when compressed, reaches temperatures high enough to ignite. Of course, when fuel is introduced into the cylinder,. Hence, at a specific time in the combustion cycle,.

This is the same for the new Mazda engine. Mazda offer Improved Engine Technology

This could revolutionise the petrol engine and give the technology a new boost of life. Hydrogen cell engines are also moving ahead and should one day become part of the big mix of engine technologies.

Perhaps the death of the petrol engine has now been postponed? I, for one, hope so.

Mazda’s new engine, known as SKYACTIV-X, was launched in 2019, as part of the