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All Weather Tyres Cope with Horrendous British Downpours ?

Significantly, we all must have noticed the alarming changes in our  weather patterns ! Driving all over the UK. So you can’t help but notice the effect of local flooding that these heavy rains bring to our roads. Consequently, it looks like we are getting the type of heavy storms that are more common on the continent. We all remember these types of heavy thunder storms from our holidays in Spain and Italy.

So, the climate is changing ! I think for the better . Its great to be have warmer summers. But it looks like we are going to pay a price. Subsequently, with regular heavy rain downpours! Causing our roads and motorways to flood. Driving about the UK these storms can happen anywhere and at anytime. So this could not help make me think about aquaplaning and my own safety !

Aquaplaning can be serious problem !

Basically, aquaplaning is when there is a thin layer of water between the road surface and your vehicle’s tyres. Of course, the vehicle will often lose traction, which can cause the car to spin out of control. Importantly, the better the condition of your tyre,. Then there is less likelihood that aquaplaning would happen. Many of the main larger tyre companies have re-developed their summer tyres. Accordingly, with wider centre grooves and more sipes. Sipes are small slits of differing sizes. These slits are set out in  different arrangements according to the tyre maker’s and engineers designs.

Consequently, these summer tyres were developed for use on the growing SUV car market. aquaplaning is when there is a thin layer of water between the road surface and your vehicle’s tyres

Continental tyres is one of the tyre companies to develop this type of tyre. Another factor is the tyres compound ! Summer tyres are made from a different rubber compound than winter tyres. However, this does not help the summer tyres. Hence, to get rid of the very heavy rain,. Caused by the storms that we are now experiencing.

Because of the changing climate, I decided to fit all-weather tyres into our small van fleet. So, I thought it would be much safer! Not just for me but the other road users. These tyres give me more confidence when driving in these bad conditions.

All-Weather tyres dissipate the water better- Aquaplaning is when there is a thin layer of water between the road surface and your vehicle’s tyres

Michelin was one of the first tyre companies to claim a summer tyre with winter tyre capability. So, they claim that their Crossclimate + tyres brake well on dry roads like a summer tyre. Also giving the vehicle owner confidence in grip on very wet roads ! Both in summer and winter ! Incidentally, this tyre is also approved for use in snowy conditions.

However, my main point is that we should seriously consider buying all-weather tyres for use on our vehicles year-round. So, giving drivers  a safer driving experience in these torrential rain downpours. As a member of ““, I think that going forward, all-weather tyres will become very important to tackle these imminent and unpredictable storms.

There is no doubt that these all-weather tyres dissipate water at a faster and safer rate ! Than the standard summer tyres. All Weather Tyres Cope with Horrendous British Downpours ? As a footnote, we also recommend Falken and Pirelli all-weather tyres here in Halifax, UK.

Pellon Tyres are now proud members of

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