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Damaged Alloy Wheels Repaired

Damaged Alloy Wheels Repaired

Damaged Alloy Wheels Repaired
Damaged Alloy Wheels Repaired

Damaged Alloy Wheels Repaired

Relaxing. Last week, I was sitting in my small office . Daydreaming and  just looking out of the window. So. I noticed a breakdown recovery truck with a blue car on the back. I never thought more about it, as we have these broken down cars brought into us all of the time, as most busy auto centres do.

About ten minutes later

a member of my staff came in, shouting for me to have a look at this wheel. The damaged alloy wheel had come off the car that was brought in on the back of a transporter, a Ford Focus with a sport conversion, up-rated brakes, and oversize cheap alloy Alloy You know the thing I mean, this was a young guy’s car and a bit sporty.

However, the guy had been going at speed and hit a massive pothole in the road. The impact had caused a massive blow out to both his offside (drivers side) alloy wheel and completely

wrecked the tyres and caused severe damage

to the alloy wheels. We can have small damages repaired by a local alloy wheel welding specialist. These are very often small cracks that appear on the rims and start to leak air from the wheel and tyre assembly. This is most common on some BMW models, and sometimes we have known BMW to replace wheels free of charge.

These small cracks can be repaired successfully, much to the pleasure of many of our customers. It has been a bad time for broken and cracked alloy wheels recently due to the large increase of potholes on our roads, and so it is good to be able to give our customers the good news when they do not have to buy a new wheel, but we can have their damaged refurbished Alloy Wheels repaired.

I had not seen alloy wheel so badly damaged ? Damaged Alloy Wheels Repaired

We were all amazed at the massive split in the Pothole Damaged wheel that came off the front. Shockingly, I have never seen one so bad. Splitting was almost all around the circumference of the wheel. If you look at the image below, then  you can see what I mean. Luckily for the customer, we have just become members of a buying group. Now, here in the UK, it’s called MD . Fortunately, this is one of the suppliers we can deal with. Hence, TSW Wheels sells alloy wheel and tyre packages. We were able to supply four new wheels along with two new Falken Tyres, and the guy went on his way, a happy driver.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-Centre offer car and van servicing and repairs

now including “wheel repairs” for all makes of vehicles.  Also, we sell Falken tyres online from our website.  Using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. Offering courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work. Leaving their car with us for work. Of course, we are also an official MOT testing station.

So, 80% of cars now have alloy wheels fitted to them! And as you know, every day, thousands of these wheels cause minor damage. Of course, from kerbing, potholes. Causing  stone chipping and lacquer discoloration. Predominantly, this damage stands out like a sore thumb. Especially on polished rims. Of course, by offering this new service, we were looking for a cost effective method. Of course, to repair and bring the damaged alloy wheel(s) back to a showroom finish.