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Peugeot 206 Misfiring

Peugeot 206 Misfiring

Peugeot 206 Misfiring
Peugeot 206 Misfiring

Peugeot 206 Misfiring

So, when you own a garage in the same town as the main dealer,

. You are more likely to get second- and third-hand cars in with problems. Of course, rather than the customer taking their car back to the usually more expensive main dealer,. And why not? In most cases, we have just as good equipment and knowledgeable staff as the main dealers anyway. If we get stuck with a technical problem,. Importantly, we also have a network of people who specialise in the making of cars. So from where has the problem arisen? So, we can always rely on their help if such an occurrence arises.

The problems that can happen are usually electrical, and although we have an array of scanners and computers, they don’t always get down to the problem, so we have to seek help from a friend who is a specialist in that field. This, however, did not apply to one of the jobs that a customer left with us the other week.

The Peugeot 206 started OK but did not pull on hills. Peugeot 206 Misfiring

The car was a Peugeot 206 2001 model and had started up in the morning with no problems. At first, the car drove along OK, but after about ½ an hour, the car started to lose power. The Peugeot 206 misfiring was still driveable, but he did notice a lack of power?

The car was also able to accelerate away when required, but his foot was down to the floor. He said that he thought that the car was asking for more fuel and had to keep it in lower gear, say third instead of fourth. He said that a few years ago, the 206 had a catalytic converter failure, and the symptoms felt very similar.

The guy left the Peugeot 206 with us, and Ryan decided the best plan was to plug the car into our scanner and see if anything showed up there. We often get similar problems with these

Sometimes the owner says that the engine feels like it is misfiring

Such as a guy who recently called in with his 206 GT. This one ended up having an injector problem, and we fixed it accordingly.

The scanner we used was a Solus Pro from Sun Equipment. Subsequently, we came up with the fault code R0270 in the injector cylinder 4 circuit. This was a very clear indication of what the problem was .

So, we contacted the customer: Peugeot 206 Misfiring

with a price so that we could go ahead with the job. One important thing to remember about these injectors. Significantly, on French cars such as the Peugeot 206, they are changed as follows:. Firstly, the number 1 injector is at the gearbox end. Secondly, the number 4 is at the driver’s side. Importantly, it is easy to replace the wrong one.

It has been known that the wrong injector has been changed?

Say number 2 could be mixed up with number 3. This would mean that you may have changed the injector but would still end up with the same engine problem, and this has probably happened hundreds of times to DIY car repairers.

After we were given the go-ahead by our customer, Ryan ordered the new part and fitted it upon its arrival. The code error was then cleared, and the Peugeot 206 was back to normal and collected by its happy owner.

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