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Shock Absorbers Nissan Micra

Shock Absorbers Nissan Micra

Shock Absorbers Nissan Micra
Shock Absorbers Nissan Micra

Shock Absorbers Nissan Micra

The most frustrating thing about shock absorbers and struts (which are basically the same thing) is that they are sealed units and although they are classified as maintenance-free, they will

very often start to leak. In some countries, shock absorbers are known as dampers because that is exactly what they do: they damp down and level out the bumps that your car is picking up as it drives along the road.

Depending on the model of your car, Shock Absorbers Nissan Micra

If you are not sure what this is, then you can perform a simple bounce test. All you have to do is press the corner of your car a few times with your body weight and then stop the bouncing.

Once you stop,

your Nissan Micra should settle back down straight away. If it bounces again more than twice, it will very often start to leak. In some countries, shock absorbers (Nissan Micra) are known as dampers and require changing. You do this procedure on each corner, bouncing the car and then releasing it.

In my opinion, this is not a very satisfactory way of checking your shock absorbers, but at the moment, I have not seen a satisfactory machine that will do the job. The best machine I’ve ever seen and consequently purchased was a tester from SUN Equipment.

You drove the car onto vibration plates

which shook the suspension very violently and then suddenly stopped. The action of the shock absorbers was then recorded on paper printouts via an ink needle, similar to the ones used in hospital heart machines. If the pattern was tight, then the car shock absorbers were good; if they were wide, then the shocks needed replacing.

This was a great machine because it produced a print out so that the customer could see the state that his shocks were in. Ironically, Kwik-Fit scrapped the machine after I sold them the business, and I don’t believe they are still in production.

How do shock absorbers work? Shock Absorbers Nissan Micra

Some cars never have their shocks replaced, but with age, the ride of your car will get bumpier and the steering will be all over the place when cornering, although this is sometimes

blamed on the car’s tyres; it is more often than not the shock absorbers that need changing.

As I have said earlier, the most common problem is the fact that they leak oil.

Of course, this can also be found in a suspension check! If this is the case, then they will need to change. Any kind of shock absorber works on the same basis. There is a piston rod that enters a chamber that is filled with oil. The piston has oil seals to prevent leakage.

The weight compresses the piston, which then absorbs the force of the car and the road. Your shocks take all the up-and-down pressure (bumps), and the car’s chassis remains level, or as level as possible, while driving along.

When the shocks are worn or broken, you will get an uneven ride in your car. I think that the worst culprits for this are cars that are used as taxis. You can often feel the older cars bouncing up and down as you drive along, and apart from alcohol, I am convinced that this is one of the reasons that people are sick in the back of a taxi.

Shock Absorbers- Nissan Micra
Struts are normally fitted at the front of cars and are fitted inside a coil spring unit.
These are known as McPherson struts.

and just like shock absorbers, they can leak oil. These struts, along with the springs that they are inserted into, can very often break, and the symptoms  are rattling and banging noises coming from the car when going over bumps in the road. This is another problem that the potholes can cause. “Broken springs

An old perennial that keeps cropping up is that when a shocker has to be replaced,

should it be replaced in pairs? In my opinion, this is a grey area. The manufacturers always recommend that you fit two, and I think that this is the perfect scenario, but in practice, the customer wants to get away with having to spend as little as possible, and in general, only one is fitted.

The rule to this is simple: if your car is relatively new, then just change the one; the one on the other side should still be good, but if the car is an older model, then you should change the shocks on each side of the same axle, backs or fronts. This will give you an even ride and more stable cornering.

Normal shocks are fairly easy to change for the home mechanic

But the struts are more difficult and require some special tools, such as spring compressors, so I would take your car to a local garage for the work. Shock absorbers, nissan micra Om, Shock absorbers nissan micra cost; Replacement shock absorbers nissan micra.

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