Motorists Cant Afford Next MOT

Banned MOT Garages to be Exposed

Banned MOT Garages to be Exposed

MOT Inspection Manual Renewed
MOT Inspection Manual Renewed

Banned MOT Garages to be Exposed

DVSA have agreed with Ministers to make the information publicly available following the announcement by Justine Greening MP in 2012, of the Governments’ commitment to the Garage Customer Experience.

EricRoberts‘s insight:

MOT Garages testing station, owners opinion

So, as the owner of an MOT centre, I am not sure what this will achieve. Consequently, I know that there are thousands of normal garages. Strangely, they claim that they do MOT testing. Incredibly, but in fact do not. What they do is take their customers cars to an approved MOT  testing station. Consequently, having what we call “a trade test” carried out.

Of course, I am not saying that the car will not be tested correctly? But the garage does not conduct the test, and they do not have control over the vehicle.However, if the driver has an issue, he can not take it up directly with the testing station.

Customers should look out for the official MOT testing sign, Banned MOT Garages to be Exposed

Concerned car owners should look out for an official MOT sign ! Usually outside the garage premises at the roadside. So it looks the same as the one in the above image. Some garages have lookalike signs but are not official testing stations.

I can only think that garages that have lost their licence: Banned MOT Garages to be Exposed

So, to test cars because of a bad disciplinary record, still carry on taking cars in for testing but have a trade test done at another official testing station under the pretence that they still have a testing licence, or simply do not remove their MOT Garages signs as if they are still testing.

A list of banned testing sites will be published but i wonder who will read them?.

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