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Financial support for independent garages-IGA calls on government to provide ongoing financial support

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Financial support for independent garages

Financial support for independent garages

I must agree with the actions of the IGA (Independent Garages Association). After all in my opinion they do have a valid point. Although we here at Pellon Autocentre in Halifax UK are not members we are all in the same boat. Since the beginning of the MOT covid restrictions in 2020 we have all lived in a “topsy turvy land” of boom and bust MOT testing.

Consequently, we have  lost out with many customers because we could not cope as a small garage during the MOT test peaks. This meant lost revenue as customers had to abandon their regular testing stations. Of course because they were too busy. In normal times we have a booking in and customer reminder system. That will balance out any peaks and troughs during a normal business year.

The six month whammy that hit us by the Government has thrown all this to the wind. We should be receiving some sort of financial help to help us balance our books in the next few years. I myself think that the rate relief scheme would be the best way forward. Not all garages are in trouble but a balanced aid package would be a good idea.

I am pleased that the IGA have come forward on all our behalf’s and we fully support their actions. Especially in these important times when all independent garages will also suffer from the governments incessant drive to get us all driving the dreaded electric cars which I hope will fail.

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) has written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Transport Secretary and other Ministers, urging them to put a financial support package in place for garages. The trade body argues that

Source: IGA calls on government to provide ongoing financial support for independent garages