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Car Servicing Advice 2

Car Servicing Advice 2

Car Servicing Advice 2
Car Servicing Advice 2

Car Servicing Advice 2

An answer to the popular question “do I have to service my new car at the dealership?” straight from the horses mouth, Guelph Hyundai’s very own Service Adviser.

Car Servicing Advice 2: If you require  car servicing or car repairs,. The answer is NO?

“If you are a garage  with a good reputation, then the answer is to keep a warranty valid. So, the customer must perform all of the maintenance that is required. Of course, as specified in the owner’s manual, to maintain the vehicle’s warranty”

This applies in the USA and also here in the European Union. Including here in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK.

We are all covered by a right to repair law. Allowing us to repair cars that are still under warranty. Thus, as long as the service parts fitted are up to the same standard,. Hence, the ones fitted as original equipment by the car manufacturers.

This also applies to any new equipment that the car makers may bring out. Of course, they must release the patents for the aftercare garages . Or be able to repair and service the cars.

This prevents a closed-shop scenario from being created. Consequently, the new cars are going to the main dealers only.

Toyota is having to release many patents to do with EV cars. So that your regular garage can have a chance of repairing them.

Car servicing your new car Do you have to use the main dealer?

The straight-forward answer to this is no! You do not have to take your car back to the franchise car dealer from where you bought it. The problem that we get at my garage here in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK, is that many of the public think that you have to return to the garage from where you purchased the vehicle  to have a car service.

The franchise dealer will not, of course, tell you this when you buy the car because they obviously want your business. But in many cases, this could be inconvenient for the new car owner. We have many very satisfied customers who do not want to take their cars anywhere else, for repairs or for car servicing.

There are a few rules that you should follow. Car Servicing Advice 2

If you do go to your independent garage, they must adhere to a few rules. These rules were set out by the EU when the right to repair ruling first came out, and I think that this is something similar in the USA, with their “right to repair bill.”.

Firstly, they would like the garage to be of good standing and probably affiliated to a trade organisation that gives the garage some credibility. Another way to check if your local garage has good standing is if they are an MOT testing station, here in the UK.

These accreditation’s will ensure that your car will have car servicing and repairs carried out to the right standards.

Another consideration to take into account is that you should check to see if your local garage uses car service parts that are as good as the manufacturer’s original equipment standards. Most quality garages will do this as a second nature and use either OE parts (oil filters, etc.) We use a top-quality brand called “Blue Print,” which is guaranteed to be just as good as the OE parts supplied by the main dealer garage.

If you stick to the rules and make sure that the car servicing booklet that is provided in every car is kept up-to-date, then you will have no problems if you have any warranty issues. By the way, if you do have a warranty problem, then you should return the car to the franchise dealer from where it came.