Insane MOT Test Proposals

British Government MOT Mess-BBC airs aftermarket’s fears over gov’s 4-1-1 MOT proposals

British Government MOT Mess

British Government MOT Mess

With all the extra work that Brexit is giving the Government. Then you would not think that they would have time. Hence to bother about changing good MOT testing legislation. Naturally, it is going to affect MOT garages as well as our customers. Therefore, all we can do is pray  that the big guns in the British auto industry start to fire. As a result warn off this idiosyncrasy of a new law. Thus that will be no good to anybody in the long run. We all know that tyre and mechanical parts wear out eventually. Of course usually before the three year first test is due.

So bringing this article forward to 2020. This proposal never really got off the ground. The UK will be coming out of the EU due to the massive majority for the Conservative party giving us Brexit. So, MOT testing will remain the same for the time being. Going forward again none of us can foresee what these crazy politicians could come up with. Consequently at the moment we are trying to tackle the “Corvid 19 virus” causing a world pandemic.

The Government are wanting to stretch this to four years?

Source: BBC airs aftermarket’s fears over gov’s 4-1-1 MOT proposals