How Brake Pads Work

How Brake Pads Work-Understand What your BRAKE PADS Do

How Brake Pads Work

How Brake Pads Work;Unipart brake pads

Here at Pellon Autocentre we use top quality brake parts. Because it gives us peace of mind that we are fitting a top class product .Knowing that our customers wont have problems with their new brake pads.

How Brake Pads Work;English: This is a graph demonstrating differe...

English: This is a graph demonstrating How Brake Pads Work different types of brake pads typical stopping distances from 80 MPH or 130 KM/hour in feet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There to stop your car !

Your brake pads are one of the most important part of your cars braking system. Because, they are the component that makes contact to the discs. Applying, the pressure and friction to your cars brake discs. Of course, this is the pressure and friction that is applied to the brake discs.

Slowing and stopping your vehicle. Once your brakes are applied. At this instance, the pressure from the master cylinder stops the wheels from turning and your vehicle stops. The role of How Brake Pads Work is really very simple, but the construction of the brake pads is not.

Did you know that Brake pads were once made out of asbestos !

So, asbestos was used to make brake pads. Especially, in my younger days when I was an apprentice mechanic. But because of the cancer causing materials in the pads. Urgently, then new compounds had to be developed. Nowadays brake pads are made from a mixture of different compounds. Including, metallic shavings or non-metallic, organic materials. Depending on the manufacturers own compound mixes.

The brake pads are compressed onto your brake discs when you press the brake pedal. The discs are fitted directly to the wheel hubs and the axle, on applying the brake pads friction is forced upon the disc causing the wheels to slow and then stop depending on the pressure applied to the pedal. The discs work in unison with the brake pads in order to stop your vehicle.

When will I need new brake pads or discs?

There are many different warning signs that your vehicle will give you before your brakes may reach the point of potential failure or extensive repair. The first thing to say is that you should always have your car regularly serviced, including your braking system. This will stop problems before they occur.

Here’s some other things that you should look out for.

Watch out for your brake warning light coming on when you are driving?

How Brake Pads Work

English: A set of EBC performance disk brake pads (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Check or have your garage check your brake fluid level?
Do you hear a grinding sound or a squealing sound when you apply the brake pedal?
Any feeling of a vibration or some sponginess in the brake pedal when it is pressed?
Does your vehicle steer or pull to one side when you apply your brakes?

All these symptoms are the most common signs that are a potential brake system hazard ! Problems and they should be looked at immediately. Of course, they have the potential to cause a lethal accident. Brakes are there to stop your car and they should not be treated lightly. In a word, if you have them inspected at regular intervals you will reduce the chances of future safety problems.

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Skoda Brake Judder- Our customers Skoda, Turns Out to be in a Dangerous state ?

Skoda Brake Judder

Skoda Brake Judder; Brake Discs the problem

Skoda Brake Judder

Skoda Brake Judder; another picture of the broken discs

Amongst all the different types of work we carry out, brakes are one of the most important. It is vital that we carry out the work to the up most of our professional skills and we never fail.

The typical brake customer calls into the garage and says that their brakes are rattling or squeaking or they are making some noises. When this happens, we will need the car for a full morning or afternoon as brake jobs are crucial and we need the correct time to repair them correctly.

The first thing we do is to remove all the wheels on a ramp and give the brakes a god examination; we also put the car on our brake roller if this is required. We then prepare a price and phone the customer with the good or bad news, before any work is carried out.

Skoda Brake Judder

In this particular case, we had a phone call from the owner of a Skoda Octavia; the car was a 2008 year model. Our customer complained of the car having “out of balance type of a Skoda Brake Judder”. When we removed the wheels Ryan Linton one of my mechanics was shocked to see that one of the brake discs had completely broken in two, a very dangerous condition. Therefore, it was lucky that the driver didn’t have an unfortunate accident.

Look at the pictures; the brakes should be in one piece

We think that we should report this to Skoda as these discs may be part of a bad batch, we hope not.?

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Skoda Brake Judder

Skoda Brake Judder; This Skoda brake disc is completely split in two. A very rare occurrence, nd the customer was referring the problem to Skoda for further examination.