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Popular Run Flat Tyres

Popular Run Flat Tyres
Popular Run Flat Tyres

Popular Run Flat Tyres

Many new models are now equipped with inflator and sealant kits or run-flat tyres, which are designed to go at slower speeds for 50 miles or more after a tyre has been punctured.

EricRoberts‘s insight:

Run-flat tyres are an interesting subject.

Of course, the problem was that that cars were getting bigger and faster. Consequently, at the same time, car makers were being pressured. governments to make their cars more fuel-efficient and therefore greener.

Car makers were forced to comply with certain regulations ! This meant shedding weight and creating engines. Computers then took control of those. Therefore, to really hammer down the emissions,. Caused by burning fossil fuels (gasoline or petrol in the

UK). Subsequently, the car companies looked at all sorts of ways. So, to reduce the overall weight of vehicles including tyres. Importantly, even the tyre companies looked for ways of making tyres lighter in weight. Importantly, and indeed they succeeded.

BMW came up with the Mini Run Flat Tyres

Positively, tyre manufacturers came up with the run-flat tyre ! .Of course, this would mean that cars would no longer have a spare wheel and tyre. Thus reducing the overall weight of the vehicle and reducing emissions. Importantly, if a tyre on a car had a sudden drop in pressure (puncture),. Importantly, then the car could have the capabilities to drive.

At a slower speed (50 mph) until the tyre was eventually changed. Safety-wise, the positives are that the car would not deviate. Therefore, carry on driving in the normal way. Therefore, it is not causing an accident. It is so much safer than a standard radial tyre.   Also, you would not have to get out of the car ? On a rainy night, you had to change the wheel when you had a puncture.

Was cost an early problem ?

Early drawbacks are that the cost of replacing these tyres is much higher than that of a standard tyre. A new Run Flat Tyres is required after each incident. Puncture repairs in these tyres are not recommended ?

Incidentally, on long journeys, you should have the need to want a new tyre ! Then you only have fifty miles to have the run-flat Flat Tyres fixed.

In the United States, the gap between some towns and cities can be hundreds of miles. So you pay your money and take your choice ?

Since I wrote this article,? Then the run flat tyres have been well accepted by most motorists. Older drivers who prefer a genuine spare wheel can now buy a new tyre and wheel unit for the spare wheel.

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