Continental Winter Tyres- Some Good Advise against driving on winter tyres all the year round

Continental Winter Tyres

Continental Winter Tyres

Continental Winter Tyres


advise against driving on Continental Winter Tyres all year round E tyres Dr Andreas Topp, Head of Winter Tire Development at Continental, warned: “At warmer times of the year, winter tyres have a longer braking distance than summer tyres, and handling…


eric roberts‘s insight:

Winter tyres all year round


This has always been my point of view. Here in the UK we have had a run of mild and wet winters. Summer tyres fitted to our cars did the job of coping with this.

Then we started to have colder weather from November onwards. Motorists in Scotland were the first to react positively. Thus, to this colder winter climate. Starting to fit winter tyres to their cars. Much the same as the other European countries. Most of Britain’s winter tyres were diverted to Scotland by the big wholesalers.

As the weather became worse as the years rolled on. Of course, then winter tyres became more popular in Northern England. We now have started tyre companies using winter tyre “hotels”. Including here at Pellon Tyres in the UK. Consequently, we will store and refit your winters each season, now very much the same as the rest of Europe.

This guy from Continental Tyres UK Ltd has said the opposite to me, by stating that in his opinion that Continental Winter Tyres should not be used all of the year, this is a complete turnaround by Continental, but I have the opposite view and think that they would be much for the motorist in all types of weather.

Continental Winter Tyres To update my thoughts,

As I have said on many occasions British drivers are coming to terms with the fact that fitting Continental Winter Tyres in November early December to increase safety for themselves and the other road users, in the bad winter weather.

It is also advisable to re-fit your summer tyres after the Continental Winter Tyres has finished around Easter time, or at least after March. This is because there are two differences between summer tyre and winter tyres that are easy to explain. The one that is most obvious is that the tread pattern of the winter tyre, is made up of millions of sipes, these are tiny slits in the tyres tread, that get rid of the water, snow and slush that you will encounter at some stage of the winter period.

The summer tyre tread pattern is of a simpler design and performs differently to the winter tyre, as drivers who get stuck in the snow know to their cost.

The tyre compound is the second main difference. The Continental Winter Tyres compound has additional chemicals in the mix, including “silica”; this keeps the tyre flexible in freezing weather. The summer tyre does not have this additive in the compound and so when the temperature drops below 7 degrees C then the tyre carcass becomes rigid and  they do not handle well on a nice hot sunny day.

And so to finalise, Continental are correct in saying that it is best practice to change back to summer tyres are to rotate summer and winters at the end of the relevant seasons.

Continental Winter Tyres

Eric Roberts

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