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Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money

Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money

Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money
Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money

Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money

Right now, let’s have a chinwag about how a little bit of intelligent thinking with tyres may save a substantial amount of money, particularly for the major players in the industry, such as haulage businesses, for example. I am going to tell you a story about BMD Transport, which is a haulage company, and how they were able to save thousands of pounds by utilising the truck tyre coverage offered by Michelin.

Now, just like any other haulage firm, BMD Transport is dependent

on its vehicles being on the road, carrying goods all over the country, including in the north, south, and across the country. Long, difficult kilometres, frequently on difficult roads—the kind that can make weaker tyres look like they were made of mush—are what we are talking about here. However, here is where Michelin comes in with their policy, which is just brilliant.

Michelin, a French company that manufactures tyres and is famous for their lovable mascot, the Michelin Man, is actually involved in more than simply the production of tyres. They place a strong emphasis on ensuring that their tyres have a longer lifespan, improved performance, and, most importantly, reduced fuel consumption. Each and every one of these actions is a component of their commitment to lowering the total cost of ownership for companies such as BMD Transport. It sounds good, doesn’t it?

In the first place, Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money

Michelin invests a lot of effort into developing tyres that are not just as durable as old boots but also economical in terms of fuel consumption. Because of this, trucks that are equipped with Michelin tyres consume less diesel fuel, which, as you can understand, results in a significant amount of money saved, especially considering the current state of the fuel market. When we talk about the cost of a fleet, we are not talking about pocket change; we are talking about thousands of pounds.

However, here is the real kicker: Michelin tyres are designed to be regrooved and retreaded for maximum durability. You question, what exactly is that? The process of regrooving is comparable to giving a tyre a second chance at life. Michelin tyres can be regrooved to restore depth to the tread when the original tread begins to wear out. This not only improves the tyre’s grip but also has the potential to extend its lifespan. It is like having a new haircut for your tyre; it improves both its appearance and its performance.

Another money-saving miracle is the practice of rereading.

The tyre is not simply discarded after it has reached the point where it is no longer at the stage of regrooving. However, Michelin has the ability to recoat the still-solid casing with new tread and use it as a replacement. In a way, it is comparable to owning a sturdy old boot and simply changing the sole that has become worn. This means that one tyre is able to save numerous lives, which not only saves a significant amount of money but also helps the environment, which is always a good thing to do.

Through the implementation of Michelin’s tyre strategy, BMD Transport was able to significantly cut down on the quantity of tyres that they required to purchase on an annual basis. They ended up saving a substantial amount of money as a result of the fuel savings that the efficient tyres provided, as well as the extended life that was achieved by regrooving and retreading. This is a significant amount of money.

You now get the full picture. Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money

It’s not enough to simply have the necessary equipment; you also need to know how to make appropriate use of it. Furthermore, in the realm of haulage, where every penny matters, the approach that Michelin takes to tyres has the potential to make a significant impact on the bottom line overall. The experience is comparable to discovering a twenty-pound note hidden inside an old pair of jeans; it is a pleasant surprise that makes a significant impact. Cheers to you, Michelin!

This claim does not surprise me? Michelin Tyre Policy Saves Money

Michelin has always been the world leader in truck tyre management. Hence, my experience with truck tyres goes back about forty years. Of course, most tyre dealers know about the quality of the Michelin truck tyre casings. When the original tyre wears down to its limit, the old tyre is used for re-treading. Michelin tyres are perfect for the job. They were then, and they are now. So by using the Michelin system, these trucking companies can not lose.

Leicester-based bulk aggregate haulier BMD Transport has cut its monthly tyre bill by 25 per cent after switching to a Michelin policy. The family-run company reported the savings soon after switch…

Source: BMD Transport chooses Michelin | HGV

Of course, going forward, Michelin is still number one! Especially when it comes to the quality and performance of their truck tyre range. So, even when the tyres wear down to the legal limit, the truck tyre casing is still regarded as the number one thing to be re-treaded. Importantly, other brands can only come a close second. Of course, other truck tyre manufacturers are getting close? I am perhaps thinking of Bridgestone tyres.