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Exhausts Changed


So, thinking about this, I suppose that there are many reasons that an exhaust system fitted to a modern car will last longer. Than say a car exhaust would 15 to 20 years ago. The cars of yesteryear were not subjected to the emission laws that today’s modern cars are. The big change came when all cars were fitted with catalytic convertors.

In fact, it was about 22 years ago that the new cars were produced. Hence, it had to be fitted with a petrol and diesel catalytic converter. Cars registered after January 1, 1992 (i.e., K prefixes onwards) .

This is about the same time that exhaust systems. Thus, they appeared to last longer than their predecessors. In the good old days, we used to buy car exhausts from the manufacturers directly in containers. We knew that certain cars were fitted with exhausts that would only last about 2 years.

Certain cars, such as Vauxhall Vivas and Cavaliers,. They were very vulnerable to their back box’s rotting. They used to collect the dilute acid from the engine in the tail boxes, and this would rot them from the inside.

catalytic converter
Better exhaust systems were made with the addition of the catalytic converter.

Also, there were many more models of cars produced by the manufacturers.

I would buy say 100x VW Beetle exhausts. Simply because there were so many of them out on the roads. Today, because of computers, car makers can alter and change a model within minutes using modern computer software. I believe that it is the same with exhaust systems. The designs are much better and are made of better materials than they used to be.

We in the trade do not stock the same number of systems anymore. Because of the large number of variations within one model of car,.

Of course, there was one exhaust to fit one model, whatever the engine size. Staggeringly, there will now be ten different systems and shapes for the different engine sizes. So, this could have to do with the different catalytic converter sizes that a different engine size may have to have; the rest of the exhaust will be a different shape or size.

The exhaust system has now become part of the emissions service.

We have now had to become qualified in car emissions, using sophisticated hand-held computers to diagnose any faults in the system. Also the addition of the catalytic converter to the front of the exhaust system. I also added the need for a better-quality exhaust pipe product.

The catalytic converter is made of a ceramic or stainless steel honeycomb core. A silica and aluminium wash coat, and a precious metal for the catalyst (platinum). The car makers then started to use aluminium exhaust systems to match the quality of the catalytic converters and enable the guarantee to extend to two years on a replacement system.

EXHAUST SYSTEMS AT A GLANCE-Your exhaust system lasts longer because they are now aluminised: EXHAUST SYSTEMS AT A GLANCE

Previously, most exhausts were made from mild steel, which would only last about eighteen months. Small niche businesses that produced replacement exhaust pipes from mild steel made these. Because of the growing demand for cheap exhaust prices from fast-fit centres,  such companies as Pioneer Exhausts did a roaring trade.

Companies like Bosal Exhaust system made aluminium systems for car manufacturers and gradually started to sell their products to motor manufacturers and specialised exhaust system wholesalers, who would in turn supply garages and fast-fit centres.

The only problem was that they were more expensive and would only be bought by customers with up-market cars; the regular guys still wanted the best price for exhaust for their cars.

The larger companies were on the streets ahead. EXHAUST SYSTEMS AT A GLANCE

Cleverly, with the equipment they used to make the catalytic converters and exhaust systems,. In fact, most of the exhaust system parts were built very accurately with “robots.”. The robots also made better exhaust systems. Because they are more precise when welding the parts together. Bosal Exhausts also added a small hole in their back boxes to allow the excess acid to drain away.

The simple fact is that yes, exhausts are made from far better quality products and built to a much higher standard (no dodgy welding); therefore, they last much longer than they used to, hence the two-year warranty given to the replacement parts fitted.