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What to Do if Your Lease Car Breaks Down

What to Do if Your Lease Car Breaks Down

What to Do if Your Lease Car Breaks Down

What to Do if Your Lease Car Breaks Down

One of the many benefits of leasing your car instead of buying. Of course, is that you can enjoy all the advantages of being able to drive a brand-new car. Specially when it comes to reliability. However,lease cars aren’t completely untouchable. So there is always the risk that your vehicle could break down.
Since the car isn’t technically yours ! So, you may be confused as to what to do if you find yourself in a breakdown situation. Consequently, with your leased vehicle. What to do will depend on the terms of your contract with your lease provider. Including, whether or not a maintenance package is included. Here’s what you should do.

#1. Call Your Breakdown Service Provider:

Just as you would with a car that you own outright. So, the first step to take is to call your breakdown service provider. Notifying them of the situation. If you are not signed up to a breakdown service, then it’s worth calling your insurance company. Fortunately, for you this is often included in the policy. If not, your local garage may offer a breakdown service.

Make sure that you give your lease provider a call, too ! Many lease companies will offer breakdown recovery as part of the package. Either way, the priority
right now is getting yourself and your car off the road and to safety.

#2. Check Your Maintenance Package:

Once your car has been recovered ! Of course, your breakdown service will likely have informed you of any issues . Hence,that need to be rectified before it is safe to drive once again. Unless your breakdown provider has been able to fix these issues at the roadside. Unfortunately, then chances are your vehicle will need some maintenance work done.

Naturally, before you book in with a garage. Importantly, then check the terms of your lease. Many leasing specialist companies. Such as Vantage Leasing, will offer a maintenance package that you can take advantage of. In the case of Vantage Leasing, their packages are comprehensive and will cover any maintenance needs you may have.

Of course, what’s included depends on the lease and budget !  But that can be discussed at the time. If you have signed up for this . Subsequently, then the cost of repairs will likely be included in your monthly lease charge.

#3. Replacing the Vehicle:

If your lease car has broken down through no fault of your own and the repairs would cost the lease company more than is worth paying . Then you may be in a position where you will offered a replacement vehicle . Subsequently, at an earlier date than expected. However, this is only likely to be the case if you are able to prove that you have not contributed to the breakdown . In any way and that it would not be economical for the lease company to cover the cost of repairs.

#4. Avoiding Breakdown Stress:

If you are considering leasing a new vehicle and want peace of mind for the future. naturally, when it comes to potential breakdowns. Then the best thing that you can do is make sure that breakdown cover ! Of course, and maintenance is included in the cost of your lease. This may be offered as standard by certain leasing
companies or offered to you as an additional extra. If your lease car breaks down, what to do next will depend on the type of contract you have.