Manchester United Logo concept tyres from Apollo Tyres

Manchester United logo

Manchester United logo on the tyres sidewall.

As an Apollo tyres dealer here in Halifax, Yorkshire UK, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a few months ago that Apollo tyres would be using the Manchester United logo on the sidewall of a certain size of tyre.

Apollo tyres are tyre partners to Manchester United. For that reason , have come up with great idea of putting the Manchester United logo on the sidewall of one of their tyres. I presume this is to attract the 46 millions of Manchester United fans. These are from all over the world and not just here in the UK.

Group managing director of Manchester United Richard Arnold said, “Apollo Tyres is a leading player in the tyre industry and its rate of growth and development into new territories made it an attractive partner for the Club. With a combined fan base close to 46 million followers in the UK and India, we are confident in providing Apollo with a highly engaged audience, not only to promote its brand, but also to engage and communicate with our fans”.

For this reason, the first tyre to have the Manchester United logo on the sidewall is the 19565R15 91V Apollo Alnac S G tyres. I must admit that the first one we saw was on a customer’s car. This was brought to us for a service.  Up to then I had never heard of the tyre.

Manchester United logo

The impressive Apollo coach complete with Manchester United logo

I do however think it is a great idea. This has been possible to do by using modern tyre manufacturing methods. Naturally, most things can now be put onto a tyre sidewall at relatively short notice.

Apart from the Manchester United logo,

Of course, Apollo are backing local junior football clubs. For that reason, they will build “Go The Distance” all weather football pitches. Consequently, made from recycled tyres in local communities across the UK and India. With the first one situated at Old Trafford. Indeed my manageress Debbie Bastow. Has secured a promise from Apollo tyres to lay a recycled football pitch at her local junior club.  Tingley Athletic, in Morley near Leeds.

Eric Roberts

Apollo Winter Tyres

Apollo Tyres at Manchester United Partner Launch at Old Trafford the home of Manchester United

Apollo Tyres

Six figure three-year deal with Manchester United

I have just arrived back from the three venue launch of a three-year deal with the iconic Manchester United. The venues were in Edinburgh, London and the final one took place at the Old Trafford home of Manchester United.

apollo tyres

The impressive Apollo tyres coach

So, Apollo tyres are embarking on a three-year deal with Manchester United. To help launch the  brand here in the UK. The tyre company was first to make its tyres in Perambra, Kerala In India in 1976. They have since become the leading tyre maker in the national Capitol Region of India. Apollo was soon to be recognised for their excellent tyre products. For twenty years they kept them within the Indian economy.   Building their distinctive brand products and using good marketing initiatives to promote their products. Some of the things that Apollo did were to promote a customer loyalty scheme and help establish better-driving habits on the overcrowded Indian roads.

Apollo tyres then made the decision to expand outside of India and in 2006. They ventured into South Africa, by buying the Dunlop  International of South Africa, including the Regal tyres brand. This also included Zimbabwe and the Dunlop brand is now sold to over 30 African countries, using the renamed Apollo tyres Of South Africa brand name.

Apollo Tyres UK  then spread their wings into Europe

Consequently, acquiring Dutch tyre company Vredestein tyres, now known as Apollo Vredestein who also have strong links and a dealer network here in the UK. This was in 2009

Premiership trophy on display

and it was the plans of Apollo to set up a presence on yet another continent, Europe. The tyre company also went into partnership with a car battery manufacturer in Bangladesh in 2011.

The next step for Apollo tyres

Was to enter the North American marketplace, but after a huge setback failed to take over Cooper tyres and eventually pulled out of the deal.

Back here in the UK, Apollo has started to become a much larger player in the battle for tyre market share. Using the iconic Manchester United brand to become their launching pad for a market attack. I was invited as an independent tyre retailer, probably because of my past association with the Vredestein tyre brand, who are renowned for their excellent quality, especially their winter tyres collection.

We were to be on the third and final phase of the Apollo tyres promotional tour. With a tour of the Manchester United ground and museum. The tour was Apollo Tyresexcellent and conducted by professional tour guides who gave some insight into the clubs history and background.

This was most interesting !

Because not everybody were football fans and the ones that were football fans supported other clubs. So, after the tour, we were all invited for an evening meal on the ground. Happily,we were able to take pictures of the Premier League trophy. Subsequently, which the club kindly displayed in the dining room.

After an excellent meal, we were treated to a question and answer session from ex-Manchester United player Lou Macariall transported back to the Hilton Hotel in Manchester.There we were all given overnight accommodation and then treat for evening drinks in the hotel rooftop bar, we all had an excellent time.

Eric Roberts

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