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Jaguar XF Brake Problems: Hub Rusting the Main Culprit?

Jaguar XF Brake Problems

Jaguar XF Brake Problems
Jaguar XF Brake Problems

Jaguar XF Brake Problems

We are fortunate to have a few of our customers who own a Jaguar XF.

So, like most older guys, I have always been a keen fan of Jaguar cars. Going back to when I was a young man working in a garage as an apprentice mechanic,. We were fortunate enough to have some wealthy customers. Importantly, who could afford to buy new Jaguars from time to time.

One of them was one of the directors of the Fox’s biscuits empire. Hence, who was one of the Fox families. Luckily, he always had four or five new cars on the go at once. Consequently,who always kept us busy with the servicing and repairs.

Jaguars have always appeared to have brake or tyre problems. So, throughout their history,. I can remember when, in the late 1960s, the new  XJ4 came onto the market. This car sported wonderful flared arches. Including new 6×15-inch wheels that were fitted out with a new tyre from Dunlop Tyres. Subsequently, the tyre size was ER70VR15.

These  tyres were especially designed for Jaguars by Dunlop. Jaguar XF Brake Problems

Dunlop was developing tyres with Jaguar engineers. Who at that time was a major force in the UK tyre market? Importantly, this car also came out with disc brakes all around.

I always remember the problems that the XJ4’s were having with vibrations. Annoyingly, coming through brakes and the steering wheels. Firstly, it turned out that one of the problems was engine vibrations. So, Jaguar engineers tried out many things. Of course to try and correct the problems.

I then worked for National Tyre Service, which Dunlop owned entirely. It was our task to try to balance the wheels to our best ability. But in those days, we did not have the sophisticated electronic equipment that we use in today’s cars. In fact, we had to take the cars to the Dunlop garage in Leeds. Strangely, at the time, this was done in secrecy.  Because of the huge problem that Jaguar was having with these vibration problems.

I was once able to stop and watch the engineers go to work balancing the wheels. Jaguar XF Brake Problems

The balancing was carried out on a special machine that I had never seen before.  It must have been brought to Leeds from the Dunlop factory. The most amazing thing was that the Dunlop technician actually skimmed some of the tread off the tyres. Trying to make them

rounder. I certainly know that all this was hush-hush. Incredibly, so not to affect the reputation of Jaguar and also Dunlop. I believe that Jaguar had to do all sorts of things to correct the vibrations problem !  An excellent article about the early Jags can be found on…Aronline .

Back To the future with the Jaguar XF. Jaguar XF Brake Problems

As I have said before,!  We have three or four customers that come to us for servicing. Including other jobs done on their Jaguar XF. We have had a couple of these with complaints about brake vibrations and a droning noise. One of our customers came in with brake problems similar to the others.

This one was a bit different in that the problem  did not occur  when he was doing high speed ,the car was smooth, but when he started to slow down to about  60 mph and then 40 mph the vibration and droning noise would start to happen.

The problem is, like so many of these things, that when we road test the cars the problem never shows itself up, the car plays mind games with the owners. This particular car was taken back to the main dealers, but we now know that the braking and droning noise is now a recognised fault, the cause is thought to be the disc brakes or hub run out.

Another Jaguar XF that we were servicing was found to need discs and pads all round.

We contacted the customer, who kindly gave us the go-ahead to do the job. He gave us his consent, and we carried out the brake work. About three months later, the car had developed a slight brake vibration, and he left the car with us for examination. This all reminded me of our problems with the XJ6 and Jags in the 1960s.

We road tested the car, and sure enough, the brake pedal did vibrate slightly. We could find nothing wrong, and true to our warranty policy we suspected that the discs could be faulty and  ordered a new set of discs.

Our supplier agreed to change the discs and accordingly sent us a new set. The New Jaguar XF discs fit onto the hub and we noticed that a slight amount of rust had formed on the outer part of the hub; this can be seen on the pictures that we took.

We think that we cured a previous Jaguar XF by removing any rust and thoroughly cleaning the hubs

Of course, before refitting the brakes discs. When we did this on this particular Jag, it appeared to solve the problem. So, we cleaned off any rust that had formed on the hub. Thus, we re-seated the discs and re-fitted the replacement discs. Ryan Road tested the car, and all was well. The car had no brake vibrations, and so far, it appears to be working fine.

We now think that this could be a problem if you are lucky enough to own one of these fine cars. Please make sure that the hubs where the discs fit are totally cleaned and look like new, because any rust build up will cause the disc to run out of line, only a fraction, but we feel it would be enough to cause a brake vibration on the Jaguar XF when the pedal is applied.

Eric Roberts