UCCC-Good News for Unipart Car Care Centres in the UK

Resigned from Unipart Car Care Centres 

So, I became a Unipart car care Centre” UCCC” about 5 years ago. Unfortunately, in that time then I could not see any advantages for our customers. So I decided to pull out of this failing organization!

So, generally, then I have always been a fan of becoming a member of an organization (not now since the corvid 19 pandemic). Because it can give a small local garage like us a nationwide coverage (this never worked in practice). Importantly, when it comes to helping out our customers (did not help a single customer). Of course who may get into trouble when traveling to other parts of the country ( this never happened because of the good quality of our workmanship).

Nationwide coverage was not effective !

So, if we say carry out a service or a repair job to your car. Before you visit your long lost aunt in Brighton ! Then your car will be covered by this warranty. Should a part fail or go faulty. Then we can arrange for the car to be repaired in that area. So, by contacting the closest UCCC centre. By contacting us here in Halifax and we will arrange for your car fixing. So that you can have a safe journey home (this never worked and indeed was never required).

Such as the quality of the replacement parts that we supply ( we will still offer the best quality parts). These parts are up to the manufacturers specifications for quality (this still applies to the parts that we supply). So can be used on a car that is still covered by the car manufacturer’s warranty. Of course, without affecting that warranty, which is great news for us small independent garages. Here at Pellonautocentre in Halifax we have always prided ourselves for giving excellent service.

Horror when Unipart went into administration on 23rd July 2014.

You can imagine my disappointment when I heard that Unipart had gone into administration,( last week). We would have certainly survived but it could have made things a little more difficult, especially regarding outstanding warranties. The Unipart Company are now in the hands of the administrators KPMG. But to my surprise I found out that the Unipart Group are a separate company to Unipart Automotive who control UCCC, of which we are members.

This is a recent e-mail to all the UCCC members from Stuart McHale…

“We were saddened by the news about Unipart Automotive, but it is important to note that Unipart Group continues to be a financially strong, growing company in

manufacturing, global logistics; consultancy and International automotive aftermarket operations

Express Factors, KiS users and Unipart Car Care Centres throughout the UK will understandably have immediate concerns for their future, so I wanted to update you on the current arrangements.

Unipart Group and Andrew Page have moved as quickly as possible to work in partnership to provide new services and Andrew Page will now become a national stockists and distributor of Unipart products. For those KiS and UCCC’s previously supplied by a Unipart Automotive branch. Please contact your local Andrew Page branch (now closed) to agree service and supply arrangements.

Unipart Group is working to make new arrangements with a number of software and programme suppliers to provide systems functionality and support services and intends to make the Unipart brand available to UCCC who meet minimum standards”

Finally as a 2020 update, then we are not part of any trade organization. Benefiting our customers by buying parts from the supplier with the best quality parts at the best possible price.