Locking Wheel Nuts-Drivers can never find them? Love them or Hate them ?

Locking wheel nuts are an every day problem.

One the biggest problems we encounter almost every day is the dreaded “locking wheel nuts”. These are the little blighter’s that fit onto your alloy wheels to prevent the wheels from being stolen. The problem only becomes a problem when the customer forgets where he last put the nut that is the part that fits onto your locking wheel nut to remove it from your wheel, (if you get what I mean).

locking wheel nuts

types of locking wheel nuts

This is the little beast that our customers forget about until it comes to wanting some new tyres fitted. We have to search high and low to find the little ******, but some times it can be found and so we have to remove it by force. We have now purchased a small Locking Wheel Nut Removal Tool which does help us remove the locking wheel nuts, but it can still be a difficult job to do. Some wheels have a very narrow hole where the nut or stud fits, that makes it almost impossible to fit a tool onto the locking nut to help remove it.

In general we can remove one in about ten to fifteen minutes but some take much longer to remove. For this service we charge the customer £29.90 a set to remove and a similar price for a new set of locking wheel nuts. This is for the average car and some of the bigger cars cost much more.

It pays to look after your locking wheel nuts

In general it pays to look after your lockers. One of the commonest scenarios is when a customer buys a second hand car, make sure you know where the lockers are kept and even if there is one at all ?. Do not forget that you could be without a locker in say a motorway tyre blowout , then you would really be stuck, it happens on many occasions ask the AA or the RAC.

The cost if a special tool that we have to buy to remove the locking wheel nuts. The tool is made by a Yorkshire company called “Dynomec Ltd” and is designed specially for removing the nuts when the tool part is lost or broken, other types of nuts are removed by a socket or another nut is welded to the nut on the wheel to give extra leverage and the broken or lost nut can then be removed. Some can take over an hour to remove but we never give in.


new locking wheel nuts  ready to be fitted

A demonstration can be seen on http://www.dynomec.co.uk/index.html in order to see what we have to do to remove your damaged or lost locking wheel nut.

Also see it on Youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFXfEhTi8VU

Article written by Eric Roberts member of   Point S

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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    The Pellon Auto Centre is run by a racist manager. Everything presented on this website is a lie. Today I was dealt with like I came from Mars. Nobody listened to my problem at hand. I was quoted a minimum of £60 for a removal of one broken locking wheel nut! What an absolute garbage. I am reporting this unscrupulous garage to the West Yorkshire Trading Standards for treating me like a real foreigner.


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