Davanti tyres

Davanti tyres come to Halifax-Partners with Everton AFC.

Davanti tyres come to Halifax

Davanti tyres come to Halifax

Eric Roberts is proud to announce that his company Pellon Tyres will be shortly selling the full range of Davanti tyres. So, to those who are not familiar with the name Davanti tyres are a British company . The idea was conceived by the family tyre wholesale business of the founder and still owner of Oak tyres. His name his Larry Cross. Larry and his sons are well in control of this family tyre wholesale business.

The Davanti brand was conceived to allow independent and family owned tyre retailers to have a unique tyre brand. As a tyre dealer myself for over 40 years, then this is a great advantage to be able to market a great tyre product with a chance of making a decent profit. In recent time most profits made from tyres has been directed to the banks of the large tyre wholesalers. These wholesalers are trying to take charge and control of most tyre imported to the UK.

These large companies have all the financial power to buy almost all the tyre products for their own retail outlets and distributing the rest amongst the small independent retailers. Ensuring that the main chunk of profits are kept for themselves.

Larry Cross wanted to break the status-quo

In the past 40 years of been aa tyre retailers then something comes along to break the mold. Either a new tyre manufacturing company to the market place or a new wholesaler with ideas. In this new post covid world we are all looking to sustain our profits. Prices of the services that we have to operate under such as electric and fuel are going through the roof.

Profit is not a dirty word. So to sustain this then I am always looking at new ideas. Looking for a new reliable tyre brand is always a winner. Especially a brand that can give exclusivity in our own area of  Halifax UK. I believe that I have now found the answer in the Davanti tyre brand. The tyre is well tried and tested and will be available for us to sell to our retail customers at a good competitive price.

With the deal available from Oak tyres we will be able to slow price rises and of coarse will help balance our  profit and loss account. Great news going forward and I am looking forward to a good long partnership with the Davanti tyre product.