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4x4 Tyre Range at Pellon Tyre and Auto Centre

goodrich 4x4 mud-terrain tyre

Pellon Tyre and Auto Centre have an extensive range of 4x4 tyres at competitive prices

To order 4x4 tyres go to the tyres page and use the tyre selector to choose your 4x4 tyres.

Pellon Tyre and Auto Centre is part of a nationwide group of independent tyre companies called 4 Site 4X4 Tyres. 4 Site 4x4 tyre centres can supply you with almost any brand of 4x4 tyre you require. We are the officially appointed distributors of BF Goodrich, General, Kumho, Falken and Insa Turbo tyres.

4 Site's head office, located in the midlands, is home to a unique team of 4x4 technical experts who will be happy to listen to your personal requirements and then recommend an appropriate product.

The dealer network is made up of over 400 independent tyre dealers located all over the UK. Pellon Tyre and Auto Centre represents the Calderdale area of West Yorkshire.

Choosing the Correct 4x4 Tyre

Tyre and vehicle manufacturers work hard to develop the correct tyre for your vehicle. Tyres that are produced for all vehicles, including 4x4s, are thoroughly tested in all conditions before the vehicles are released into the public domain.

Most of the tyres developed are for mainly on-road driving, with a small amount of off-road capability, but the main emphasis is for the vehicle to have stability with good steering and low noise levels when driving on the road. Such vehicles would be perhaps like a Land Rover Discovery.

Tyres for off-road use

A problem may occur when a more demanding situation requires a more demanding tyre. Such an occurrence may happen say for a farmer or any person working in a rural environment. A different type of 4x4 tyre would be required for this situation.

The tyre most likely to react to this situation would be an All Terrain (A/T) tyre. This type of tyre is made by several tyre manufacturers, including General Tyres.

Different sized tyres and wheels

It is also possible to fit different sizes of tyres to your vehicle and indeed different sized wheels and tyres can be fitted in sets. This would be a problem to pass to our experts on the help desk. This is one of the many reason that give us at Pellon tyres an advantage over other tyre companies, we can just telephone our help desk to answer every 4x4 problem or fitments query.

All in all at Pellon Tyre and Auto Centre we can give a great 4x4 tyre experience to our customers and are able to get the best possible advice for our customers.

Finally to sum up Eric Roberts MD of Pellon Tyre and Auto Centre says "It is strongly recommended that tyres on 4x4 vehicles are used in identical sets of 4, same size, make, pattern, load index and speed rating. This will ensure safer driving in any conditions."

To order 4x4 tyres go to the tyres page and use the tyre selector to choose your 4x4 tyres.

Whether you are intending to tackle the endurance of the school run, want tyres for wet and snowy weather, off road use, a smooth quiet ride, excellent wet weather traction and long tyre life you are sure to find tyres to suit your requirements at Pellon Tyre and Auto Centre in Halifax.