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Goodyear tyres have been chosen to supply the Original Equipment tyres for the two new versions of the snazzy Fiat 500X in Europe. The tyres have been carefully selected to meet the needs of the newly-revealed Fiat 500X.

Goodyear tyres

As most of my readers will know , I have a soft spot for Goodyear tyres and all that they do.

The decision by Fiat to fit Goodyear tyres to their new 500X is not ground breaking ,but any go news helps sell them tyres.

When car makers fit tyres as original equipment, they will get a certain replacement figure when the first tyres are replaced, which as i say is good news for Goodyear tyres.

Goodyear tyres have been chosen for two out of the three models

Of course,  the new Fiat 500X compact X over will be available in three different models and styles. As a result, these cars will also be available in different drive options. Consequently, two off-road focused versions and also the 4 wheel drive 500X cross+ and the front wheel drive 500X cross.

Goodyear have been selected to have their tyres fitted as original equipment. So, on two of the above versions of the up market models for the European market. So a great honour for this  famous tyre company.

To the people that read my articles. Then they know that I have always been a big fan of the Goodyear tyre company. Of course, they were the ones that gave me my first managerial post, way back in the 1970’s and I have been a fan of their tyre products ever since.

Fiat have selected two different tyres from the Goodyear range

the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 tyre will be fitted to the more robust model of the new X over. So to help give the car a smooth ride. The tyre size will be 225/45R18 with the 91Y load rating. The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 assists the car with excellent braking and steering qualities.

The urban centered models will be fitted with EfficientGrip Performance tyres. As a result, the size of the tyres will be 215/55R17 94V. The Efficient grip performance tyre gives an excellent rolling resistance. Which helps with lower emissions, plus gives a superior braking performance to the new Fiat car.

The Goodyear consumer marketing director Hans Vrijsen said… “The Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tyre provides excellent rolling resistance performance and braking performance suitable for a city car, while the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 has a large rim size, offering exceptional braking and handling .We are pleased to offer tyres that not only fit the overall polish and panache of the FIAT 500X but are also customised to fulfill the car’s different driving needs”.

Goodyear tyres

Fiat 500

The new Fiat 500X also comes with many added extras depending on the model that you buy, including, Bluetooth, aux-in and USB connections, steering wheel-mounted controls they also fit voice recognition as standard on all versions of the car, although in the past I have struggled to get them to recognise my Yorkshire accent?

The new Goodyear tyres are available online from, and can be fitted in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK.

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Van Wheel Alignment Including Suspension



New Concept Tyres;Goodyear Tyres presents battery-charging, shape-shifting tyres at Geneva show –

goodyear tyres,concept tyres

Although just concept products at this point in time, Goodyear Tyres & Rubber believes two New Concept Tyres it unveiled at this week’s Geneva Motor Show hold potential to radically change the role car tyre…


They have always been one of the worlds innovative tyre companies. The concept of making electricity from your  wheels is nothing new.

As the tyre rotates an electric charge is generated, through the tyre flexing. The only problem in my opinion is how do you collect this generated  electricity to charge the cars battery up.

This is definitely one for the future and a challenge for the first tyre company to up with the goods. As my blog readers will know , I have always been a great fan of the Goodyear tyre company and I am convinced that inventions like these will help them through tough times ahead in the tyre industry and in connection with the link between tyres and other new innovations within the motor industry.

Concept Tyres  Offer us a Glimpse of the Future; also new AA rated EfficientGrip tyres

Goodyear tyres made a splendid start to 2015 with the presentation of three products at the Geneva motor show.

The first product was a present day product, which was an “AA” rated summer tyre, known as the EfficientGrip tyre. This tyre is explained in my recent post…

This new tyre follows the modern trend of a lighter tyre with less rolling resistance that is made out of modern materials, in this case “silicon”

Two new concept tyres on display

Goodyear tyres also had two new concept tyres up its sleeve, to show the world that the Goodyear Company was still as innovative as ever. These tyres would help car developers to form the modern car of the future. The two new technologies are known as the BHO3 and the TRIPLE TUBE.

Concept tyres 1 the BHO3

This tyre looks at the technology to be able to convert the electricity that is generated by the heat that is produced during the rolling of the tyre, when projected forward. The electricity is generated by the action of the materials that the tyre is made of, usually man made textiles and steel belts. When the tyre flexes as it moves forward, then electricity is produced. The problem will be harnessing this electricity to help charge the electric cars battery.

Electricity can be produced from the action of the cars braking in the present electric cars and the addition of an extra charge coming from the car tyres, would be an added tyres new concept tyres

Triple Tube Concept tyres

This second concept tyre is a completely different animal and is very similar to a system that Goodyear brought out about three years ago, then given the name of “AMT” Air Maintenance Technology.

The tyre contains three internal tubes, although they look more like compartments to me, and not the tubes that spring to mind from years ago. These compartments are located beneath the tread area and the tyres shoulder area.

An electric pump, that I presume will be controlled by the cars computer, moves the air around the three chambers, adjusting the tyres to the different road conditions as the car drives along. This is supposed to help with tyre safety and make the tyre more environmentally friendly.

As a tyre guy for forty years, I fail to see what application this new tyre will be used on. We can all rejoice to the demise of the car tube , as they used to be, but the splitting of the tyres into compartments, does not look like a move forward to me, or perhaps I have got it all wrong.

The BHO3 looks like a good idea, but I can’t see how the electricity from a fast turning wheel could be transferred to help charge a battery, but then I am far from being a scientist, so who knows? I do know that tyres in the future will have to be able to transmit much more information and data than we can get now, so let’s hope it will upgrade our industry along with other technical aspects of the future cars.

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Continental tyres are experimenting by using the sap of the humble "dandelion" plants. Of course, this sap is also of the same molecular structure as latex rubber.

Goodyear Soybean Tyres-Massive compound ingredients breakthrough wins global prize

Goodyear Soybean Tyres

Goodyear Soybean Tyres

Goodyear Soybean Tyres

Of course that we now all know about the  growing awareness of the nutritional benefits of consuming foods made from soybeans. So, what are they? Soy beans, aka soya beans, are a species of legume and are often classified as an oil-seed. Naturally, soya beans are known to have been in existence in China some 5000 years ago. Having been consumed and including use, in medical preparations. Hence, for at least the last 2000 years.

It was many centuries later before soya beans are grown commercially in the western world. It took until 1906 in the USA and 1910 in Europe before there was deemed to be a sufficiently large enough market to encourage farmers to grow soya beans in significant enough quantities.

Now soya beans are used in millions of food products.

Of course Goodyear tyres like many other tyre manufacturers. have been looking for alternatives using rubber latex in their tyre products.

Soya beans have have become one of these natural ingredients that match the molecular structure of latex used in the production of rubber in tyres.

Other tyre companies that have come up with similar natural products are Continental tyres. So, Continental tyres are experimenting by using the sap of the humble “dandelion” plants. Of course, this sap is also of the same molecular structure as latex rubber.

Yokohama tyres are now using the oil extracted from orange peel skins. All these methods will give tyres a greener more sustainable tyre product in the years ahead.

Eric Roberts

Van Wheel Alignment Including SuspensionThe Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company has won the Tyre Technology International Award for Innovation and Excellence in the category ‘Environmental Achievement of the Year’, during the 2018 Tyre Technology Expo in Hannover, Germany. The technology represents a breakthrough by Goodyear. So, in applying soybean oil in the tread compound of tyres, instead of traditional petroleum oil.

Source: Goodyear’s soybean breakthrough wins global prize

Goodyear tyres award-All started With Charles Goodyear in the USA.

Goodyear tyres awardGoodyear tyres award

All started by Charles Goodyear in the USA.

Goodyear Tyre Company had its seeds with Inventor Charles Goodyear in 1834. Charles first invented a tyre valve, but was unable to impress any other business with his invention and could not get financial backing. Goodyear tried for many years to transform the smelly gum that came from Brazil, into any kind of rubber product. He desperately needed a powder that would soak up the wetness of the rubber.

He was getting very desperate and one day bumped into a boyhood friend who had a small amount of capital to invest in Goodyear’s experiments. He started using magnesium as a drying agent for the rubber and with the help of his family made hundreds of pairs of waterproof overshoes; I suppose they were similar to the ones that we get today for gardening. The problem came with the summer heat, before he could put them on the market and sell them; the whole lot melted because of the heat, the family were devastated.

Undeterred he carried on with his experiments  and started to add quicklime and magnesium and also boiling the mixture, his endeavors were getting   closer and closer to the rubber that he wanted. Charles was then making rubber ornaments and started to paint them and decorate them in any way he could. One day he was trying to clean the paint of one of his pieces with nitric acid and later discovered that the acid had affected the rubber making it turn black and smoother, this was the best rubber he had ever made.  

After several more years of failure and wasted backers money Goodyear was no further on. He couldn’t get the process of “vulcanisation” and all his work kept melting in the heat. Goodyear tyres awardCharles became destitute and for the next years suffered many setbacks in his life.

He carried on with his experiments and finally achieved his best result when he applied steam, under pressure for up to six hours at a temperature of  about 270 degrees F. This was his best rubber mix yet and his wealthy brother in law became interested in Goodyear tyres award product to use in his textile mills making shirts using the rubber on the ruffles made for “dandies”. This sparked off a great demand for rubber products.

At the time Goodyear could have become a millionaire, but he was still more interested in making other products from his new found invention. Rubber was to become what plastic is today. Go0dyear eventually died in 1860 in poverty, but later the loyalties from his rubber products kept his family in relative comfort…More Reading…

Charles Goodyear not related to the Goodyear tyres and rubber company.

The Goodyear Car Tyres company had nothing to do with Charles Goodyear but continued to grow into one of the largest tyre companies in the world. The rubber industry will be employing over 300,000 people in the USA alone.

Goodyear tyres award in my opinion is truly a great company and has received many honours in its time for product innovation creating over 324 inventions between 2010 and 2012. Because of this they have been awarded the prestigious accolade of being one of the top innovators, by Thomson Reuters… Truly a worthy tribute to a great tyre company.

Article by Eric Roberts

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Goodyear Tyre Care-as Holiday Travel Season Begins – Sacramento Bee

Goodyear Tyre Care

Goodyear Tyre Care

Goodyear Tyre Care as Summer Travel Season Begins Sacramento Bee Goodyear outlets are distributing the RMA’s “Be Tire Smart, Play Your PART” consumer booklets, which stress the importance of inflation pressure, wheel alignment, tire…


eric roberts‘s insight:

Goodyear Tyre Care

 Goodyear Tyre Care

You should call in to a Auto-centre or your local Goodyear Tyre Care centre and they will check out the state of your tyres, usually for FREE

Naturally, this time of year is when millions of families head out on their  holidays.

Therefore,it is very important to have your car checked over . Including, your tyres.

As a result, you should call in to a Auto-centre . Or your local Goodyear Tyre Care centre. Of course, they will check out the state of your tyres. Usually for FREE. Consequently, if you do want to check the tyres yourself. So, then do not forget things like looking  out for sidewall cracking. Also, if you are carrying any increased loading. Such as luggage or extra passengers. Then increase your tyre pressures accordingly. The pressures should be on the inside of your car door,if not look them up in your cars service manual, once again your local tyre centre will also help you with this. Like many other tyre manufacturers Goodyear Tyre Care will be issuing booklets giving motorists good information about your safety and tyres.

Goodyear Tyre Care-So be safe and have a good holiday

Goodyear Tyre Care are also promoting safety in Europe read more…

“In each country visited by the Goodyear Blimps, we will take the lead in promoting road safety messages using innovative campaigns, high profile events and social media to engage with drivers and their families. The Blimps will be the heroes of a tour that embraces road safety initiatives across Europe” said Hugues Despres, Goodyear Brand Director. Over the coming weeks, Goodyear will reveal full details of the road safety initiatives and major events that will be promoted by their aerial ambassadors, named ‘Spirit of Safety I’ and ‘Spirit of Safety II’, in each country and today reveal the type of events where the European public can get their first sighting of a Goodyear Blimp for over a decade.” You should call in to a Auto-centre or your local Goodyear Tyre Care centre and they will check out the state of your tyres, usually for FREE

Eric Roberts

Members of …

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Goodyear Tyres sidewall says “support our troops” TYRE GOSSIP- Indianapolis 500:

Goodyear Tyres sidewall

Goodyear Tyres sidewall

Goodyear Tyres sidewall


Post Updated 10th Jan 2014

Indianapolis 500: Goodyear Tyres sidewall to Show Support o… FanSided ESPN business correspondent and bona fide stat nerd Darren Rovell shared an image on Saturday afternoon that showed off the custom tires that will be used during the race to show respect…


eric roberts‘s insight:

Goodyear tyres

In my opinion this is a fantastic gesture. Goodyear tyres are to use the side-wall on the tyres that are used in the Indianapolis 500 series, with the words “Support Our Troops”, iGoodyear Tyres sidewall

Goodyear Tyres sidewall

This is a great gesture from the Goodyear organisation and the example should be followed on a larger scale here in the UK we support a charity by the name of “Help the Heroes” and this is a similar thing. THANKS GOODYEAR

think this is a great idea from Goodyear tyres.

This could be rolled out all over the World and perhaps help raise funds for say “Help the Heroes” campaigns, where a special edition tyre is made at an extra cost, to contribute and also to keep the Goodyear Tyres sidewall support our troops in the mind of the public, may be worth looking at, but congratulations to Goodyear Car Tyres for this great idea. For more reading…

Eric Roberts

This was a great gesture by the Goodyear rubber company. Thus, to honour the troops. By adding support the troops on Goodyear Tyres sidewall. Of course, that took part in Indy race series.

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. As a result, I worked for a couple of national tyre companies . Before starting my first business. Consequently, I now own a company here in the UK. Locally known as Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre .Blogging about anything to do with cars and their related products. hence, that will help my business.

Goodyear Golf GTi Tyres-for Volkswagen Golf GTI as original Equipment

Goodyear Golf GTi Tyres

Goodyear Golf GTi Tyres

High performance combination has Goodyear/Hi-Q car winner feeling good On tar as well as out on the racetrack and skidpan, the pulse-racing Volkswagen Golf GTI and its Goodyear Golf GTi Tyres high performance tyres make a combination that has what it takes to…


eric roberts‘s insight:

It is truly good to see the top tyre companies such as Goodyear . Hence, testing their products before release to the public domain. Including, also during real time, as with these guys and their VW Golf GTi. Therefore, it is always a good thing to have an opinion about a product. Thus, that you know will work when it comes to buying parts for your car. Consequently, I can remember with fond memory. Of course, for the test track days that Goodyear held in Luxembourg. As a result, I have spent many happy days with other tyre company owners. Testing various Goodyear products. Including The new “excellence tyre” by Goodyear. Which is also a great tyre for the driver to  think about when it comes to the time that you need your cars tyres replacing.

Goodyear tyres dealer in the 1970s

As a tyre dealer for 40 years . I have always rated Goodyear as one of the World’s top tyre companies. Of course, even going back to the sixties and seventies. Hence, I have watched and admired for the ever improving product range. All us oldies remember the old names such as the G800 , and the Grand-Prix S, NCT just to mention a few. I worked for a company

Goodyear Golf GTi Tyres

Goodyear Golf GTi Tyres

Jacki Stewart on the old NCT tyre advert

subsidiary in the early seventies and Goodyear really were one of the top tyre brands and supported many motor sport events, especially rallying. The company manufactured high quality rally car ones that were used by the top rally drivers of the time. To get more up to date they are now producing excellent performance and are used on cars like the great looking VW Golf in the picture. Many tyre companies have special relationships with car makers to have their tyres fitted such as the  Goodyear Golf GTi Tyres deal that has been recently struck.

Eric Roberts..

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Goodyear Wrangler- tyres from the Wrangler to NASCAR Racing

Goodyear Wrangler

Goodyear Wrangler

Time for new rubber. I want tires made in the U.S. My Michelins have cracked side walls so I won’t be getting those. Looking at Goodyear Wrangler or.


eric roberts‘s insight:

Goodyear wrangler are a good choice

In my experience the Michelin tyres usually crack because they last longer than most other tyres and therefore become more exposed to the sun, causing them  to have surface cracking, i bet these Michelin’s are over six years old, this is the time when you should replace your’s,no matter how much tread the that you have left, the suns rays will cause the tyres to crack due to the reaction with the carbon black, a substance that is in the compound that makes the tyres.

However i think that the Goodyear Wrangler is a good choice for the off road vehicle and they can be made in the USA, although tyre making is a World wide business, so unless you

goodyear wrangler tyres

The very popular Goodyear Wrangler

check on the sidewalls they could be made anywhere, even Michelin’s are now made in China…

Update Goodyear Nascar tyres create a different problem.

Goodyear tyres have been behaving strangely for the NASCAR drivers, especially in the hot weather races. the Goodyear’s have been acting normal during normal driving from the start, giving excellent grip as normal, but has the day begins to heat up the tyres start to loose their grip. On the other hand though the tyres are expected to grip much better in the night time part of the racing. This to me is just normal compound development and you just cannot have the same gripping in hot conditions as you do in cooler conditions, like the night time part of the race, this is all part of why the NASCAR races are so interesting.

Driver Greg Biffle says…

“We haven’t seen a whole lot of difference in the tire drive,” Biffle said. “It seems to be consistent and have pretty good grip taking off. When it was hot and slick in the middle of the day it wasn’t very good but as it cools off and we are racing here at night so I think it will be a good tire. We haven’t seen a whole lot of changes in our setup and what not with this tire. It seems to be a little more free but other than that it seems to be pretty good.”

Johnson felt that “passing is really tough”. He expects it to be even more difficult on Saturday. Although the groove widened throughout the course of the race,

Goodyear Wrangler a World brand in motorsport,including Off RoadingJohnson feels that what lines the drivers choose on restarts will dictate their progress.

“I hope that’s a good sign for the race and that we’ll have side-by-side racing and an outside lane working in,” Johnson added. “But track position, being in the right lane and then that pit stall pick; those are really important here because it’s just tough to complete a pass.”

His Hendrick Motorsports teammate Jeff Gordon, who will share the front row with Brad Keselowski when the Cup cars take the green, also found the combination of the track condition and tyres curious during both practice and qualifying.

Eric Roberts…

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Goodyear G800+S Tyres-advert from 1977 and up to date tyre developments

Goodyear G800+S Tyres

Goodyear G800+S Tyres

Goodyear G800+S Tyres steel radial would have been one of the first tyres to compete with Michelin tyres

for steel belted radial tyres that give the driver a good mileage and also good grip in the wet. Goodyear did have some teething problems when the Goodyear G800+S Tyres first came out. The steel belts were not protected against oxidizing correctly with non corroding metals such as copper or brass as the Michelin tyres had perfected this procedure and were having no such problems. This was eventually corrected, I think with the help of Michelin and the Goodyear G800+S Tyres became a very popular tyre and was sold mainly through the Tyreservices outlets simply because Goodyear owned them.    This tyre was evolved with Goodyear’s Grand Prix racing tyres playing a part in the Goodyear G800+S Tyres development. This is now common place amongst today’s tyre companies with Bridgestone tyres of Japan been the latest to be involved in F! racing.           

Since this post was written Goodyear and Dunlop have joined forces and become one large company. Goodyear like many of the large tyre companies are constantly coming out with new tyre products each one slightly better than the next,(so they say).

The latest tyres to come out are the Efficient grip range of summer tyres. These tyres are a range of fuel saving tyres due to modern construction and compound mixes. The Vectra 4 Seasons is their latest all-weather tyres and the winter tyre range is made up of eight different Ultragrip tread designs.

Goodyear like other leading tyre companies have also come out with a Run Flat tyre.

As one of the founder tyre companies every one of Goodyear’s tyres have  more than a hundred years of safety-driven research and development behind them. Goodyear state that they are  committed to making drivers feel good, through products that are safer, longer lasting and better for the environment.

With Goodyear G800+S Tyres, you get a great  performance and peace of mind as standard.

This Goodyear tyres post was written by Eric Roberts


Goodyear Efficient Grip- Performance: A touring tyre with a B and an A label rating

Goodyear Efficient Grip

The performance ratings shown on the label of Goodyear’s new touring tyre, from the Goodyear Efficient Grip range, are excellent: A for wet grip and B for rolling resistance (Have you heard about the new #tyre; #Goodyear Efficient Grip performance?

Goodyear Efficient Grip


eric roberts‘s insight:

Goodyear tyres have a new Goodyear Efficient Grip touring tyre

We at Pellon tyres here in Halifax sell many Goodyear tyres. Consequently, the Goodyear efficient-grip . Hence, is one of the most popular Goodyear tyres . As a result that we have had the pleasure to fit.

Over the years we have fitted many Goodyear tyre products . Going right back to the  G8 and the G800+s.

goodyear efficient grip

Jackie Stewart was a Goodyear tyre tester and a strong advocate of the Goodyear brand.

Of course, these tyres were a very important step. Thus, in the development of car tyres . Aiding development for the cars of each period of time.

Goodyear Efficient Grip

As a result, car designs and mechanical up-grades . Have always had to kept up with by the tyre manufacturers. I remember the Goodyear Grandprix-S . Arriving, when front wheel drive cars were first hitting our roads. Tyre tread design and construction were changing all the time. Hence, to keep with the development of the modern cars.

This new Goodyear Efficient Grip is no exception, except this time the emphasis is on much greener and fuel efficient tyres. This new tyre a further development of the Goodyear Efficient Grip will be no different to the tyres produced in the past by this excellent tyre company, Goodyear tyres.

For the best  fuel efficiency for your car, it is very important that your make sure that your tyres are properly inflated. When you run your car on low tyre pressure it increases the rolling resistance and also has an effect on the wet grip performance. The weight of your car and your personal driving style can also make a big difference, we have all seen the “boy racer”, who flies everywhere at 100 miles an hour. Well little does he know it, but he will be using twice the amount of fuel as the steady driver who probably sticks to the speed limits  . The sensible person is said to be more aware of “Energy-efficient driving”, or “Eco-driving” which can significantly bring down your fuel consumption.

Goodyear Efficient Grip-What is the reason for a tyre to be more fuel-efficient?

To put it simply, a  fuel-efficient tyre requires less energy to roll forward. The easier it is for the tyre to roll then it has a lower demand for fuel, since a lesser amount of energy is wasted on friction and heat from the road surface. This is usually referred to as  tyres with ‘low rolling resistance’, which  means the same thing.

How do the  fuel efficiency labels show thet tyres rating ?

  • Fuel efficiency is rated from A to G on a color-coded scale.
    A (green) is the  highest fuel  rating efficiency
    G (red) is the  lowest fuel rating efficiency
    and the Rating of D is not used for passenger cars.
Goodyear Efficient Grip-What do these  ratings mean?
  • They mean fuel savings for the motorist, the difference between an A rating and a G rating can mean a lowering of fuel consumption by up to 7.5%. To put this in practical terms, buying an A-rated tyre instead of G-rated one could mean that you save  more than 6 litres of fuel every 1000 kilometers. And at an average cost of petrol at say £1.50 per liter, you could end up saving yourself more than £300 over the life of the tyres. These figures are on the Goodyear European web site and state that they based on an average cars consumption of 8 liters/100km, at a fuel price of £1.50/liter, and an average tyre mileage of 35,000 km.

Eric Roberts…

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