AVON TYRES a great British Product.


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 Avon Tyres over 100yrs of history

Avon tyres have always been a great favourite tyre company of mine and I have traded with them on and off over my 35 year period in the tyre trade.

Avon Tyres Logo

Avon Tyres Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Avon tyres still trade in the same premises that they now occupy in Melksham, Wiltshire. The business was transferred there in 1890, when the business made  rubber products which included conveyor belts, solid tyres and rubber components made for the railways. The first pneumatic  to be made was for the then popular bicycles and it was not until 1906 that the first tyres for cars were produced. Over the years the company grew at a steady rate and in 1933 they were floated on the stock exchange market.

The company bought out a rival company in 1956 called G,S. Moulton, and the joint venture began to make inflatable boats in 1959. The boat division did very well but was sold off in 1994 and in 1998 became part of a French company.

The next major change in the company was in 1997 when Avon tyres were sold to American company Cooper tyre and Rubber Co. In my opinion I think that Cooper bought Avon to close it down, but as time went on I think that they realised that Avon was a great British institution, and the product was very popular here in the UK. I remember becoming a tyre dealer in Halifax for Cooper tyres but after a while I realised that the product was not as good as they said they were and started to deal with Toyo tyres, and dropped Cooper from my product range. We still bought the Avon Tyres for two reasons 1 – We liked the product and so did our customers

2- Avon had a small warehouse in Manchester which was very convenient for us to collect tyres from if we were stuck.

avon tyres

avon racing tyres

Over the years we have always sold Avon tyres on and off, mainly buying them from tyre wholesalers, but it was only a matter of time before we would be buying the tyre direct from Avon again. That time has come round again and in August of this year we at Pellon Tyres we will be doing just that, and will be buying Avon tyres direct from the manufacturers again.

New products from Avon Tyres

Avon tyres have recently been bringing out new tyre products the latest being the ZZ5. This tyre is an Ultra High Profile (UHP) tyre, and has been tested and developed with an Asymmetric tread pattern, the three tread zones are developed to give the tyre enhanced wet grip and water clearance, this gives this tyre great handling and cornering in very wet and dry conditions. The tyre is made from a compound loaded with polymers and silica , helping the tyre to have a quiet and smooth ride on all types of road surfaces, making these Avon tyres  an excellent choice for all types of vehicles.

Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Battery business now for 40 years. I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my

Avon Racing Tyres-A good old British tyre company

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Avon Racing Tyres are a good old British company

It is good news for supporters of British hill climb as Avon Racing Tyres have taken up the gauntlet as sponsors for this seasons events.

Avon Racing Tyres

Action picture from the latest race meeting at Snetterten race circuit in Norfolk UK, as the drivers exchange half way through the race, this is all done in a split second, note the car is an Aston martin and was fitted with Avon Tyres , a great sign of a great tyre.


Avon Racing Tyres have always been a favorite of mine , over the years. I have visited their headquarters in Melksham many years ago but I have always been overlooked as one of their dealers. The new season started in February at the Leicestershire circuit and goes on to cover all the other leading UK circuits including Jersey and Guernsey.

Avon Racing Tyres sell to the competitors, but this year have set new competitive prices to enable new entrants to have a go at hill climbing. Avon will subsidies the prices on specific hill climb tyre sizes and compounds.

Avon tyres were bought out by American tyre company Cooper tire and rubber co.

They are also involved in GT racing tyres. This started back in 2006, when Avon Racing Tyres were the sole supplier to the GT cars. Avon have brought out a new one for this seasons event and are saying that the new rubbers will be quicker than there predecessor and have been developed and tested over the past two years.

See the GT race car in the picture. In my opinion their tyres for the normal cars have not changed very much over the years and although Avon Racing Tyres take part in motorsport, they have not passed much onto their normal street cars, and I still class them as a good mid-range tyre but they are still very popular amongst older drivers.Avon Racing Tyres

About Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and Cheap Car Tyre industry now for 40 years. I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business.

Avon Racing Tyres

Avon Tyres racing slick ready to go

Cross-Ply Tyres

AVON TYRES AROUND FOREVER- From the 1960,s to Today-Avon tyres are Still Supporting Motorsport




Old sixties Garage with a vintage Avon tyres advertising sign.

In my long career in the tyre industry, (too long), it is fair to say that there has been many changes that have taken place in the tyre industry, some were good and others bad. The large tyre manufacturers bought out the small niche manufacturer, for example Goodyear Tyres took over Kelly and Lee tyres and a few others on the way, Continental Tyres bought out


Avon tyres ZR5 slick racing tyre on an F3 car

Semperit tyres and a few others, (the names of who slip my mind at the moment), and so on and so forth.

We also remember the fight to take over control of the tyre retail chains, starting off in the sixties and the seventies. Michelin took over British retailer ATS, Dunlop formed the National Tyres chain, by merging some acquisitions, including the very large retailer Marsham tyres. Pirelli formed the Central tyre group, and the list goes on and on.

I worked for a small tyre company in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, UK

But we were swallowed up into the National tyre group and became primarily Dunlop and India tyre retailers. This was the main aim, to sell the products of the mother company. To be true full, I really enjoyed what was going on, and it all became a learning curb to me for the future. Times in the sixties were great for me as a teenager; it really was the “swinging sixties”.

I clearly remember that the working man had more disposable income, and they were beginning to buy more cars, these cars needed puncture repairs and new tyres, things started to get busy. We had a very mixed type of business community, in the area where we were living, from large textile mills to farming on the outskirts of the towns. We also had all off the service industry that comes with a large populated area, such as hauliers, builders, bus companies and the smaller types of business like the solicitors and local banks and building societies all of who used cars and trucks and therefor had to buy tyres.

In the sixties we had to be “jack of all trades”.

Where as in today’s tyre market we generally stick to one thing, such as we in Halifax only service cars and other companies specialise in truck or earth mover tyres. We never knew what would come into us next; it could be a puncture repair on a tractor rear from a farmer to a small cart wheel from a mill basket on wheels. We also had a mix of different cars, from the rich mill owners with their Rolls Royce’s to a bus conductor with his Mini.

One of the things that stand out in my mind is that we used a large amount of inner tubes in those days and also wheel balancing was relatively new thing, most wheels were balanced with


Shaving a tyre at the Snetterton race track, this removes the small stones and grit that have penetrated the tyres outer layer

a simple bubble balancer and wheel alignment was not a word in our vocabulary in the sixties. Radial tyres were replacing X ply’s and more and more cars were coming out on radial tubeless tyres.

Avon Tyres come into the story

Some of the cars that were coming in for tyres would include the new Rover 2000. I remember this car because apart from the fact that it was very different in style and size the car came out on 165×14 Pirelli Cinturato tyres, but I believe that it was my first introduction to Avon tyres, who also made 165×14 radial tyres for this model. The new Rover became very popular with the new “middle management” customers and in 1966 a TC version was released which made the car capable of over 100 mph.

Avon tyres were better known for their motor-cycle tyres, but started to push into the car tyre market. We were also witnessing new tyre sizes to fit the newer types of cars that were competing for the new wealth that was emanating from then new business confidence that was giving the UK a “buzz”. Cars like the E-Type Jaguar were getting more popular as second hand versions became available, from their start off at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961.

Jaguar cars were getting more popular amongst the wealthy mill owners who would by one for the wife and kids, but they came out mainly on Dunlop tyres who had formed a good relationship with the Jaguar company, although I do remember that Dunlop had balancing problems with some of the  tyres. It was in the 1980’s that Avon tyres were fitted to some Jaguars, the tyre that was used was the Avon tyres Turbo-Steel radial and was fitted to the XK model.

AVON TYRES AROUND FOREVER-Avon  became more popular

Bringing out many different tyre designs and patterns over the years, but one of the things that have impressed me is that they have always had a strong involvement in “motorsport”. This developed from the motor-cycle side of the business. But back in the sixties and seventies the car manufacturers started to race and rally sporty versions of their models. Such cars as Minis, MGB’s and Ford Cortina’s were developed into track and rally cars. Avon tyres are one of the few companies that have kept up the


Avon tyres historic racing tyre

tradition right up to the present day, and can offer tyres that are just as good and competitive as they were in the original racing days.

Avon tyres still make tyres from the 450×17 vintage car tyre to the textile radials that have a special cling rubber tread compound that is used in making the Avon textile radial. The Avon Historic All Weather tread patterned tyres are designed to give excellent road holding in all-weather applications while keeping the period look of the historic range of racing cars. It is FIA approved for different historic racing series throughout the world. The textile radial is a “V” rated tyre so is capable of speeds of up to 150mph, ideal for vintage racing.


This tyre was developed as a formula Ford 1600 tyre and is used for the pre 1974 historic car championships. The tyre is also used for the pre 1965 1000cc formula 3 races and small bore vintage cars such as the MG Midgets and Frog Eyed Sprites. It is a great attribute to Avon to continue making these tyres an all sorts of sizes for this different array of cars.

The list of tyres that Avon make goes on and on and I will be covering some of them in different articles. From my early youth to the present day I have always been a huge fan of the Avon Company and we still buy their tyres to this day. We were sad when Avon were taken over by Cooper tyres but the old name has survived, and we can look forward to many years of this excellent tyre product.

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Tyre Care Tips for How To Take Care of Your Tyres (if your a racing driver)

Tyre Care Tips

Tyre Care Tips

Tyre Care Tips for Taking Care of Your Tyres

Cars.com News (blog)

The pressure is on: Do you know the proper pounds per square inch, or psi, to which you tires should be

Tyre Care Tips,yokohama tyres

Yokohama Advan racing treads fitted to this street car Tyre Care Tips

inflated? No? Well, do you know where to find it?


eric roberts‘s insight:

Tyre care is something that we keep harping on about

Looking at some of the tyres that we are removing at the moment. So it is important that we do keep on at the motorists. Hence to check their  tyre pressures. Consequently, this article is about the tyre care tips. Pressures and the effect they have on your cars performance.

We should also give advice about what tyres you should be looking to buy.We recommend Apollo and Nokian.

Because they are good quality. Also can be purchased at a reasonable price . As a result, they are cheap mid-range ones but good quality. Another one of my tyre care tips . Therefore, is to keep away from part worns (re-used)  if possible. Because you simply do not know where they have come from. Naturally, before you purchased them.

At a recent care race meeting at Snetterton in Norfolk. I was lucky enough to witness the power and quality of the Avon and Yokohama racing tyre products first hand. I was very impressed by the efficiency and speed that these two  companies were able to change and service the tyres that were fitted onto these racing cars and also the fact that every one that was used in the races were sent back to the relevant factories. This was for inspection, in order to improve the compounds, not only for the next races but much of the information is used in research and development, that goes into the making of the road tyres that we sell to the public, all this is great to see and i cannot wait for the next meeting for me to attend.

 Clever Tyre Care Tips

Avon has been in the motorsport supply business for years now. In fact it was in 1981 that they decided to start producing a whole range of tyres to meet the needs of most styles and types of motorsport. In fact in my opinion it is this commitment to the car racing side of the business that has kept the Avon name alive in the tyre world, and also informed me of some great tyre care tips.

They make the tyres for vehicles as diverse as Rally-cross right up to the British F3 championships. In fact AVON’s great reputation for quality, consistency and innovation has resulted in the company being the leader in control tyre supply. The race meeting that I visited in Snetterton was in fact an F3 championship event and I was able to see how the car teams were so dedicated in looking after the tyres. The teams had small heated tents to warm the tyres up before a race and there was also a guy with a blow gun skimming the tyre tread area to remove small pieces of grit, little things but very important in the races, and again gave me some tyre care tips.

Tyre Care Tips

Thanks  Eric Roberts…http://www.wintertyres-yorkshire.co.uk/

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038 Lucas Battery- And New Tyres for This Wolsley Elf Mini

 038 Lucas Battery and Tyres that we fitted  were 145X10

I am totally amazed at the number of classic cars that are still on the today I thought that the time I reached my sixties, all these cars would have disappeared, but how wrong can you 038 Lucas Batteryget.

When Spring arrives all these old cars come out of their garages and are proudly driven about by their owners. This is when we see these cars in my garage, not a week will go by without us seen at least two classic cars having new tyres fitted or a new battery fitted or delivered from our internet site.

038 Lucas Battery

Triumph Spitfires are fitted with 038 Lucas Battery

The most popular battery this year has been the 038 Lucas Battery. This is the battery that was the big seller in the late sixties and early seventies, it fitted most British Leyland cars including the Wolsley Mini as  well as Vauxhalls and Hillmans. The 038 Lucas Battery fitted such cars as all the Mini Cars and 1100,s Vauxhall Vivas, Hillman Imps and many more. Many other models including the Triumph Spitfires also used the 038 Lucas Battery, making the battery very popular, even today.

Many of the older models were fitted with a 6volt battery system, which we still sell today. There is only one company that makes the 6 volt casings and this is in South Africa. They export this battery to all over the World where it is labelled up by many companies including Tungstone batteries and Numax batteries.

Back to tyres ?

038 Lucas Battery

Wolsley Elf having its new tyres fitted

However this week we were honored to have a Rolls Royce Wraith and this Mini visit us the Mini was owned by a local retired business man from Sowerby up in the hills next to Halifax, who called in to buy two front and have the wheel alignment corrected.

Anyhow the tyres were fitted and the wheel alignment carried out and of the car went. I cant wait for next week to see what the next classic car comes through the doors.


Eric Roberts

Hi I would like to introduce myself. I have worked in the Garage and tyre and Leisure Battery business now for 40 years. I worked for a couple of national tyre companies before starting my first business. I now own a company here in the UK called Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre, and I am a keen blogger about anything to do with cars and their related products that will help my business.

2016 WINTER TYRES-With all the rain and floods and now Snow? Winter Tyres are a NO BRAINER !

2016 WINTER TYRES;Please buy Winter tyres you know it makes sense

September to October is a busy time of year for all us tyre retailers and this year in 2014 has been no different. We are at the front line because we are the ones that sell, advise, and fit the


2016 WINTER TYRES;Winter tyre also help to get rid of the water between your vehicle and the road, because they contain millions of “sipes”, tiny slits that get rid of the water.

products on to the customers cars. This is the time of year that we start to think about fitting new ones to our cars, because we know that bad weather will be upon us like a flash , without much warning, (although this year we have had a Months rainfall, in just two days and it feels like winter already).


2016 WINTER TYRES;winter tyres ready to go

Much safer in all kind of weather

Many of our roads have been flooded.Hence, due to torrential rain falls.Thus, making driving our cars more of a hazard than ever. The special designs of tread patterns on winter tyres.Therefore, make them much safer than the ones we use in  summer . In fact we at Pellon tyres keep winter tyres on our vehicles.For this reason, all the year round. Because it looks to me that all the seasons are blending into one.


Winters, will give you more confidence.Especially, in all kinds of weather,(unless you live in a desert). I know I keep harping on about this subject. But I truly believe this product is the best thing to buy.Of course, if you need to buy tyres this time of year. You must think about you and your families safety.Especially when driving your car in bad weather.

Not much difference in cost

In my opinion the biggest stumbling block to buying winters was the price. Here in the UK motorists were reluctant to pay out for tyres that were almost twice the price as summers . In my earlier days in the industry winters  were only bought by rich people who went to the Alps to enjoy a skiing holiday, but then our winters were much milder, and a hard frost was rarely heard of. But as time has gone by we all know that the Global warming that we were told about is coming true and our summers are becoming wetter and our winters are becoming much colder.


These days we are increasingly sourcing winters.Hence, at more competitive prices. Tyres have now become a World market.So, like most other things tyres are now produced in places like China.


A vintage General winter tyre advert

Consequently, we are able to buy cheap tyres. Including ones that are now produced in vast numbers. This has now brought down the winter tyre prices. Therefore, we at Pellon tyres. Market a brand called Jinyu tyres, who produce a low cost winter tyre, we also recommend Avon winter tyres, but in general all winter tyres have come down in price because of the demand across the whole of Europe

Winter tyres are becoming a necessity


Snow will soon be with us be prepared ?

Now we must start preparing for an expected hard winter. Because, it is now odds on that we will get one.Perhaps, due to Global warming. I am one of those people who used to laugh at the experts, when they used to spout off about climate change, but now we are seen it with our own eyes. Just like having to buy warmer clothing we should start to get used to fitting winter tyres and this is the time to fit them.

WINTER TYRES are a must have item for SUV owners