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Tyre Recycling

The tyre industry has strived to show itself as a “green” industry and is doing a great job, together with Government incentives we now recycle many of our waste tyres from producing tyre “crumbs” to powering cement kilns and many other smaller things that as a country we do to recycle tyres, in my opinion we will nuetralise the problem in the near future, an excellent attribute to all the people that work in the tyre industry.

“Improper removal of tyres is an increasing danger to the environment. It not only makes the setting unappealing but also degrades the ecosystem. For this reason, critical action must be taken for the right discarding and recycling of vehicle tyres. Breaking Down Tyres to Recycle Tyres are manufactured using plastic, an arduous material to burn off for re use and recycling. The plastic undergoes a procedure called vulcanization. Its this technique that provides this process its common variable, springy features.” excerpt from an article in the “”

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