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Continental Premium Contact 5 Tyres

The press from all the leading motoring journals met in Barcelona for the launch of the New Continental Premium Contact 5 tyres. This new tyre is designed for all types of cars from small family saloons to the luxury end of the market.

Continental Tyres Premeium Contact 5Continental tyres are constantly improving their products, along with the other leading tyre manufacturers. This is to keep in step with the ever changing designs created by modern car makers, especially in Germany and Japan. The new premium 5 is a few steps further on in development from the sports 5. The new Continental Premium Contact 5 boasts much better braking distances in both wet and dry road conditions and has the same rolling resistance as the Eco Contact 5 Continental Tyres.

The new tyres come with a few added benefits to add to better contact with the road during braking. They have what they call a 3D edge. The new design also includes a new type of shoulder zone, which reduces energy loss along the shoulder zone. All these extra features give the new tyres a lower fuel consumption, helping the motorist to reduce their fuel costs. It is expected that this could be as much as 12%, a good saving.

Continental Tyres have also designed a more flexible sidewall to give increased comfort for the car drivers and with the addition of whisper bars the tyre is much quieter compared with the other tyres in Continentals extensive range.