MOT Testing Why You Should avoid Your Local Council Our new MOT Testing sign at Pellon Autocentre My garage Pellon tyre and Autocentre has now been operating for over 35 years and we have a reputation that is second to none. Over the years we have built up a fantastic reputation and trust, because we have always been straight and honest with our customers. I personally have been the owner [...]

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DVSA have agreed with Ministers to make the information publicly available following the announcement by Justine Greening MP in 2012, of the Governments’ commitment to the Garage Customer Experience.   eric roberts‘s insight: I as the owner of an MOT testing station, are not quit sure  what this will achieve. I know that there are thousands of garages who claim that they do MOT testing but in fact do not. [...]

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Eric Roberts Managing Director of Pellon Tyres It only hit home to me a few week ago about the achievements that 25 years of running the same business really means to me. All my staff are getting excited about our 25 years “Bash” celebration that we are holding for our local suppliers and customers at the Raggalds Inn at Queensbury on the borders of Halifax here in West Yorkshire. It [...]

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What Women Want-when taking their car to the Garage for a service and an MOT. The unfortunate reputation women, in general have when it comes to all things that have to do with cars is they don’t know anything. People tend to think that women buy a car on account of whether the colour looks good on her or if the upholstery is nice. The truth is, while there are [...]

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Turns up for the MOT test with a massive hole in the sills When you run an MOT test centre, we see all sorts of things on the cars that we test. In general motorists are very good and the majority look after their cars. We do however the opposite end of the scale and are presented with cars that are dropping to bits. The majority of cars fail on [...]

  Designed to make the car more stable(and it worked) One of the reasons for this unusual front suspension design was to improve the handling a suspension to make the driving experience more dynamic. The design really worked , the front roll link has a type of bolt on the ball-joint, which holds the shocker on, as you can see more clearly on the picture, this assembly is known as [...]

Low tyres tread and air pressure lead to tragic fatal accident – Etyres Etyres A teenager died after his car span off the road and into a tree, just hours after it passed its MOT despite the tread of the tyres being close to illegal.   eric roberts‘s insight: MOT test- tyres  should be checked more rigorously  to keep up with modern motoring trends. In my opinion the tyre rules [...]

For any car owner, the day of your MOT is a day that you dread. Knowing that you may well have to shell out a lot of money in order to keep your vehicle on the road for another year is enough to fill you with fear about handing over your keys for this scrupulous check. Nevertheless, it is a legal requirement for all vehicles in the UK to have [...]

Post Updated 1st Jan 2014 MOT test failure on a Micra A young couple with a new baby brought their car to us a Nissan Micra, for the MOT test. This was about the third year running that the car had been tested by us and believe me the car was not getting any younger (like us all). The biggest problem with this Micra was the “rust”, and boy was [...]

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Post Updated 31st Dec 2013 Many types of Mot testing sites The Calder valley is a part of West Yorkshire in the UK. It has long traditions of farming and trading in the Woollen industry, stretching back for centuries. The terrain is of rolling hills synonymous with its location in the south of the Yorkshire Pennines. It stretches from Halifax to the East to Todmorden in the West. The main [...]