New wonder material could be used in car battery technologies

Battery designers in China are looking at the possibility of a new battery design from the use of recently discovered material called “graphene”. The new design will make a similar type of Litheum battery but will charge up at a more faster rate, in fact the new type of car battery should charge up and discharge in about 30 seconds ?. The material is known as graphene foam and is very flexible and easy to bend. The charge and discharge will in fact be as fast as a capacitor and will bring the development of this type of car battery a great leap forward.

Properties of graphene are explored for exciting uses

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graphene sheet

Graphene has been extensively re-searched at Manchester University here in the the UK. And now they are very excited about the future every day possibilities for this new wonder material, including the further development of batteries and ultra fast transistors and smart windows including new types of touch screens.

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To create it, graphene is “grown” on the surface of a metal foam, a three-dimensional mesh of metal filaments. When the metal is processed away, you’re left with graphene foam. The resulting material is both flexible–just like regular graphene–light, and strong”… 

Manchester University have helped to bring forward a truly fantastic material that is said to be harder than a diamond yet stretches like rubber, it is also unbreakable and it is said that the new material will be fundamental in changing our lives. The material is incredibly strong and light in structure. It is made up from sheets of a carbon material that is only a single atom in thickness and there is great potential for the new material to be used in the development of new batteries.

Graphene though is not yet at a standard of development where it could be used at full scale for making batteries for electric cars and a cheaper way must be found to make the material much cheaper.

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The material graphene was touted as “the next big thing” even before its pioneers were handed the Nobel Prize last year. Many believe it could spell the end for silicon and change the future of computers and other devices forever”…


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