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Lucas batteries from Manbat

lucas has always been a well known name in the field of car electrics. Unfortunately the original company split up and the different sections were sold off or indeed the brand names were sold off. This was the same with the Battery section of the company .The Lucas battery franchise was originally bought by Energy batteries in the Corby area, unfortunately Energy went into the hands of the receivers. The Lucas franchise was then bought by Manbat in 2009 and trades its own battery products under the name of Lucas. Although Lucas do not make their own batteries Manbat use batteries of excellent quality for their premium range and the Classic range of batteries. We  at www.  are the Yorkshire dealers for these excellent products.lucas

Lucas batteries

“Now, in its most noticeable move to date, Manbat has made fundamental changes to the existing packaging. Core to the re-branding objective was to make the Lucas name and green colour scheme far more prominent than on the previous design, which only carried a small Lucas logo with a hint of green. The new design however, brings the green that the brand has been historically associated with and the Lucas name to the fore through an attractive design that stands out from the competition and emphasis the brands heritage”...

lucas batteries

Dave selling another car Lucas car battery

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