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Michelin tyres have reported that 17 inch and larger tyre sizes.

A Michelin F1 tyre

A Michelin F1 tyre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michelin are probably the worlds leading tyre manufacturer and are always looking to improve their product range and this includes developing different tyre sizes to fit different car models. They are always working in conjunction with the car manufacturers to improve the performance and to produce environmentally  friendly tyres, this will inevitably mean introducing larger tyre sizes with a greater emphasis towards better rolling resistance to improve better MPG especially on the new EV cars, the article bellow is part of an excellent article by an author from article net…”known as “performance tyres “ now account for approximately 25% of the British tyre market.? “However Michelin has stated with these increased and varied sizes are causing some issues in production to ensure there is the correct balance between car performance and the total cost of any upgrades. Michelin tyres recognise that there are more expensive options for purchasers but are keen to stress the benefits of their advanced research and technology while accepting even in this high-performance market there are limits to what the purchaser will pay.” This article is from “” to see the rest of the article please click on the link bellow…

Michelin tyres

michelin tyres

Michelin “top quality “tyres

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