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Will The New “Lithium-ion battery” be worth it in the long run??

In my humble opinion , the jury is still out on the “how green is the electric car story”. It frightens me to think of all the money that has (and still), is been spent on the development and experiments, to produce low omission electric vehicles and the battery that will fit them. We are supposed to be living in hard times yet it is believed that America are spending $2.5 billion dollars to increase production of the first lithium-ion batteries for use in electric cars.

It is also known that the French government are subsidising their electric car production by 5000 eoros a car, a fantastic amount to say we are all short of money. It frightens me that these are the same governments who got us all into this financial mess that are throwing this money away trying to make cars cleaner and making a better battery.

My main contention is that are these cars going to be greener anyway. Whilst we have all been working away the past few years, scientists in Switzerland have been commissioned by governments to sort these things out, I have put this link on for you to look at very in depth calculations that have been worked out , the interesting point is not the green car or the battery , but the type of electricity that the individual countries use. Please click this link it is very interesting.

For example if the country uses what they call “dirty electricity”, from coal fired Power stations then the conversion to all electric cars is not worth money and effort, but clean electric producers, will have an advantage. You would have thought that the Worlds governments would sort their own backyards out, before shoving all these changes in car owners and generally spending money that we do not have especially Europe.

The main thing that I am most concerned about ,is the amount of people who will also lose their jobs. In my opinion you can see the writing on the wall, once again we are committing the great offense of not thinking about the human and job costs, that this drive to electric cars will bring. I also feel that in another ten years the battery trade will not be as we know it now, putting thousands out of work in conventional battery factories at risk.

New battery could bring a threat to many motor industry jobs

Customers will be driven by the car manufacturers to the their dealerships, because the battery technology and other technical inventions , will not be able to be accessed by the normal garage and service centre, people will be tied down to who they take their cars to. The only way this may be changed is if the EU steps in under the 2010 motor exemption rules,in my earlier blog on.


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